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Tourism Department Uttar Pradesh

Among the various states in India, Uttar Pradesh is among the most visited states, mostly because of the presence of a large number of destinations. Various cultures are assimilated in this state which is evident from the past history and form the presence of many religions. Since history, the state of Uttar Pradesh has been best known for its patronisation of art and culture and perfection in etiquettes and pleasantries. In the present times also, cities like Lucknow and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh are known for their rich heritage. There are 72 districts with about 631 cities in the state. Lok Sabha representation of Uttar Pradesh is about 80 seats with total members in the state legislative assembly being 404. Besides, in Uttar Pradesh, there are all kinds of sightseeing destinations including hill stations, natural and wildlife parks, monuments and religious sites. Some of the important places are Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, Varanasi and Allahabad with their innumerable temples and religious sites and many Buddhist sites like Kushinagar, Piprahwa, Kausambhi and few others. Most respected and worshiped rivers of Ganga and Yamuna flow through this state. There are plenty of railway stations with adequate connectivity to rest of the country and airports are present in Allahabad, Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi and Kanpur.

History of Uttar Pradesh is perhaps the oldest in the country as its origin dates back to the times of Lord Krishna, who was born in Mathura and the era of Buddha, who got enlightened in the city of Bodh Gaya. Over the years, a number of rulers had their stronghold over this central Indian region, until the time of the British advent.

About Tourism Department, Uttar Pradesh

Since the state of Uttar Pradesh is packed with important destinations of historic and cultural importance, it was necessary to handle the tourism aspect separately. In 1972, the Directorate of Tourism was established under the lead of an IAS officer ranked functionary. In 1974, the Uttar Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation was founded to take care of the commercial activities of tourism in the state, which also had an IAS ranked officer as its Managing Director. Food Crafts Institute at Aligarh was transferred to the tourism department, Uttar Pradesh, in order to provide training related to travel and tourism in the state. In the same line, a tourism management institute was established in Lucknow. Under different policies of the tourism department, Uttar Pradesh, it was decided that the entire state would be divided into various tourism circuits and thereby, promote tourisms in specific direction. These circuits were wildlife eco-adventure, water cruise, Vindhya-Varanasi, Braj or Agra-Mathura, Awadh, Bundelkhand and Buddhist circuits.

Objectives of Tourism Department, Uttar Pradesh

Tourism department, Uttar Pradesh was brought into force because the state aimed to fulfil certain objectives. Publicity of the historic and heritage sites was necessary to showcase the best in front of the public. Heritage and culture of the state was required to be preserved. Tourists could be provided with sufficient facilities of transportation, accommodation, food and recreation in a clean, cheap and satisfactory manner. To enable the printing of literature with correct data and information for the public to serve as a tourism guide was a necessity in the state. Encouragement to private agencies was provided to be a part of the tourism in Uttar Pradesh. Tourism department, Uttar Pradesh is also actively involved in promotion of tourism in the state through hosting of festivals and special occasions for the tourists.

Besides fulfilling the objectives in matters of tourism, the tourism department, Uttar Pradesh also brings about the information on the state through its official portal. Various historical places to visit are described in details so that tourists can get readymade information about the various cities and destinations they have planned to visit. Local fairs and festivals are detailed with description about their importance and the timing of their celebrations. Information on various sightseeing places like temples, tourism circuits, wildlife sanctuaries and heritage properties is presented to the tourists. Besides information on sites, the tourism department, Uttar Pradesh, actively collaborates with various private parties for accommodation facilities for guests, transportation to different destinations and also plan out tour itineraries for them. Upcoming events and festivals are also detailed in the official site so that tourists can plan their trips during these occasions. Some special festivals of arts and crafts, monuments and heritage places and others are organised by tourism department, Uttar Pradesh. Besides all these promotional activities, maintenance of the tourism sites is also looked after by the portal along with training to interested candidates about hospitality and travel management. All the efforts by tourism department, Uttar Pradesh are aimed at giving impetus to tourism in the state and preparing the available logistics in the best possible manner.


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