Gopal Corner

Gopal Corner is a much-frequented Sweets and Chaat Shop located in the vibrant Kamla Nagar in Delhi. For anyone who wants to savor traditional Delhi sweets, then Gopal Sweet Corner should be your haunt. Since 30 years, Gopal Sweets has dished up its loyal customers with some mouth-watering delicacies like rabri, dry fruit masala and kadhai milk. Some other popular eatables people relish here are Bikaneri sweets, Rasgulla, Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Peda, Laddu, Kaju Barfi, Sandesh and Chena Murki. Moong dal halwa and dry fruit halwa are also quite delectable.

Gopal Corner Sweet Shop is situated in Kamla Nagar and Patel Nagar in New Delhi and no matter what time of the day you are visiting, it is usually packed with visitors.

Indeed, Gopal Corner is your typical chaat shop in the neighborhood which is popular among locals and regulars who usually visit this place for their evening snacks or morning breakfast.  Some staple items from this place are Chole Bhature, Kachori, Bedmi Puri, Aloo Puri and Bread Pakoras. Jalebi and Gulab Jamun are quite tempting.


Gopal Sweets Corner has been in existence for around 30 years and is aptly located in the lane between Kamla Nagar and Roop Nagar. You can find just before the Shakti Nagar junction.

How to Reach

You can find Gopal Sweets Corner at Shop No. 43 A in Kamla Nagar in New Delhi. There is also one outlet in West Patel Nagar. It can be found at 2977, Shiv Chowk, Near Unizue Medicos in West Patel Nagar.


Regulars describe Gopal Sweets Corner as a gem in Kamla Nagar. This place never disappoints anyone who has a sweet tooth. Crowds throng this place in hot summers and chilly winters. The breakfast items, snacks and sweets are prepared to perfection and the taste lingers in your mouth for a long time.

The kachoris and golden brown samosas surely should not be missed. They are simply mouth-watering. This is a 12-seater snacks centre but remains quite popular among the locals. These delicacies are prepared with time-tested and proven recipes and made in advanced production facilities. The dishes served here represent each of the ingredients used to their complete fullness. Gopal Sweet Corner is open to visitors from morning 9 am to night 10 pm. The cooks here are well qualified and well trained to doll up a wide range of sweets and other delicacies.

Located in Kamla Nagar, you really do not have to navigate across many lanes and by-lanes to find this place and it can be easily located. During meal hours, you should be considering yourself lucky if you are able to get your meal on time. The best part about Gopal Sweets Corner is that it serves dishes at surprisingly cheap prices. Indeed, you may not believe at first how economical eating out here is. The spicy and tangy delicacies can be relished for less than Rs. 50 per person. Vendors are generous with the servings and the chutneys are quite popular.


The Lassi served here is simply mouth-watering and should not be missed out on.


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