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Shawarma Point New Friends Colony

Best things in life can be found at the most in unusual places. Here is good news for the enthusiasts who appreciate good Lebanese food in Delhi. One could head straight to New Friends colony if one wishes to order the famous Lebanese delicacy, the chicken Shawarma.

In New Friends Colony Community Centre Market, one can find the “Shawarma Point”, the restaurant which has an appealing and tempting look. If one is looking for authentic and tasty Lebanese food at affordable price, this could be the right place.

Here, the Lebanese rolls stuffed with chicken and mayonnaise will definitely live up to ones expectations with desire to come back later for more. Keeping the health conscious in mind, “Shawarma Point” caters for everyone with its vibrant and crunchy salads with just enough spicy zing to tease the taste buds.

The menu of "Shawarma Point" caters for a variety of Lebanese cuisine starting from Salads, Soups, Snacks, Shawarmas, and Pizzas all the way till the delicious Desserts. With Lebanese cuisine as its principal selling focus, it plans to spread its branches all over India.

“Shawarma Point” brings the goodness of Lebanese food to India at a customer friendly price to suite every ones pocket.

History of Shawarma

Shawarma is making a big impact on the taste buds of thousands and is growing popular day by day. This Middle Eastern delicacy of gently grilled juicy meats and fillings inside soft bread makes a great meal. This dish was invented in 19th century and quickly grew popular. The first place to have served Shawarmawas the Turkish city of Bursa. This dish was called by its Turkish name, doner kebab in Bursa.

Shawarma can be found on the streets in many countries in Middle East and consumed while on-the-go. The recipes and ingredients used in Shawarma differ from region to region. Traditionally, this preparation consists of meat, a sauce and various toppings all of which are wrapped together in a piece of flatbread.

This mouth watering meal filled with grilled juicy meats and fillings with the correct amount of creaminess and flavour of Tahini, chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise is a food to die for. This wonderful package comes all wrapped up in the goodness of warm, soft Lebanese flat bread.

Traditionally, a wood fire was used to cook the juicy meat filling but in modern times a gas flame is most commonly used. The meat which cooks on a rotating spit over slow fire is gently shaved off the stack with a large knife, an electric knife, dropping to a circular tray below to be retrieved.

About Lebanese Food

Lebanese cuisine often includes abundance of whole grain, starches, vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and seafood which makes it much better than unhealthy snacking. Animal fats are consumed in moderation. Poultry is eaten more often than red meat, making it a healthier choice. You can find all these variations at Shawarma at New Friends Colony. The vegetables are eaten raw or pickled. They add fresh spices and herbs to it along with other raw ingredients. The food includes plentiful of garlic and olive oil, frequently seasoned with lemon juice and herbs to add a typical flavour. Most of the time foods are either baked, grilled or sautéed in olive oil. Butter or cream is mostly used to cook a few desserts.

How to Reach

The closest metro stations from which one could go to New Friends Colony are Kalkaji which is at a distance of about 1.6 km and Govind Puri Metro Station at 1.9 km.


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