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Sri Uttara Swamy Malai Malai Mandir R K Puram New Delhi

Also popularly known as the ‘Malai Mandir’, Sri Uttara Swamy Malai (MALAI MANDIR) in New Delhi, is a temple for the Hindu’s that is dedicated to Lord Swaminatah and is situated on Palam Marg. This temple is very much visited by Hindus of Malayalam, Tamil, Kanada, and Telugu from across the city.


The temple named Sree Swaminatha is the main temple in the complex and has the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Swaminatha. This temple stands on a small hilltop in RK Puram, Sector 7 and overlooks the South-West Delhi’s Vasant Vihar. It is a tradition that Murugan temples are to be located on hilltops. Also the sign outside the temple premises is written in Tamil that reads the motto of Lord Swaminatha, ‘Yaamirukka Bayamain’ which means ‘not to fear when I am there around’. The make of the temple is of granite and depicts the Chola style of the South Indian temple’s architecture.

Also the peacock is said to be the Vahana of Lord Swaminatha and holds a major significance as the peacock has been adopted as a pet by the temple authorities. One can hear the sound and the sight of the peacock inside the temple premises. This has traces of South India and the South Indian architecture.


Apart from the main temple, there is also a temple inside the complex that is for the Sree Karpaga Vinayagar who was the elder brother of Lord Swaminatha, Sree Sundareswarar, Lord Swaminatha’s father and Mother of Lord Swaminatha, Devi Meenakshi. The architecture of the temples is of Pandya style which is same as the historic Meenakshi Amma Temple in Madurai.

Also a special pooja named the Shani Pooja is held in the temple premises wherein people offer coconut, flowers and fruits to the deity and seek blessings. Also they light a small lamp and move it for nine times round in the air around the idol placed in the temple and also take nine rounds or parikrama of the lord’s idol and the temple.

Visitor’s Information

  • The temple is in the South-West Delhi and is at a distance of merely 3 km from the Metro Station in Dhaula Kuan. One can take an auto rickshaw from the station and also the Green Park of the AIIMS metro station is the closest metro stations.
  • One can see the traces of the famous south Indian temples while taking a look at the architecture of the temple. It attracts devotees from all across the city on a regular basis.
  • Address: Sec-7, R K Puram, New Delhi-2, Dhaula Kuan Area of Delhi South Delhi.
  • The distance from the airport is just 6 km.
  • It opens during the sunrise and there are no entrance charges levied.

Best Time to Visit

The best to visit temples is never mentioned. Anytime you wish to visit, the experience is the same - magical. People mostly prefer to visit the temples during festivals as the temple wears a total festive look.


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