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St James Church New Delhi

An Anglican Church in New Delhi, the St. James Church is also known as Skinner’s Church which was constructed in the year 1836 under the guidance of Colonel James Skinner. It is a part of the Church of North India Diocese of Delhi and is said to be the oldest churches in Delhi. It is close to Kashmiri Gate and is at the crossing of Lothian Road and Church Road.


Colonel James Skinner had promised to build a church when he got wounded and weak in the battle and made this as his last wish after which it was constructed.

He made this structre from his own savings and expenses, taking the design from Major Smith and spent around 95000 rupees then. It was completely constructed in the year 1836 and one can see the basic style of church which is made on a cruciform plan and has three porticoed perches. Also the big windows with stained glasses and a dome in the centre catches the fancy of visitors. After Skinner, John Mitchley took over this great construction.

The cross and the copper bell perched on the top are said to be the same copy of the churches in Venice which had to face the brunt and were broken during the revolt of 1857.


  • For those coming from different cities can take a flight to Delhi and flights from all over the country are well connected with the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.
  • Also, the option of local buses and private transport is the best to reach the church.
  • The nearest metro station to the church is Kashmiri Gate station and the railway station is Old Delhi Station.


The western classical design is very well displayed in the architecture of the church with the Greek cross plan. It looks like the architectural display of churches in Italy. It was started to be made in the year 1836 under the guidance of Major Robert Smith. The architects of this church were De Bude and Robert Smith. The church was made sacred on the November 21st, 1836 by the Bishop of Calcutta, rev Daniel Wilson DD. The dome has a ball and the cross surrounding it are the replicas of those damaged in the revolt of 1857.


Christian festivals are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm where people make it a point to attend the first mass of the day without fail.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Jama Masjid: Completed in 1656, this is one of the most important mosques in the country. The structural design of Jama Masjid is wonderful.
  • Salimgarh fort: It was constructed in 1564 on the banks of river Yamuna.
  • Kashmiri Gate: This is said to be a gateway of Shahjahanbad as most of the royal processions used to cross this location.

Hotels near St. James Church

  • ITC Maurya, New Delhi
  • New Hotel Broadway
  • The Lemon Tree Hotel, East Delhi Mall

How to Reach

Options of private and public transport are easily available to come to this part of the city. Also, the closest Metro Station is the Kashmiri Gate station. Commuting in Delhi is comfortable with many options available in the city.


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