Art Alive

History of Art Alive

Art Alive Gallery was founded in the year 2001 by Sunaina Anand. The main agenda of this gallery was to promote art practices of India all across the world. The gallery participates in numerous international and national festivals, fairs and events. Indian art Summit, 2008, Book Release of Faces of Indian Art, 2008 are some of the latest fairs in which the gallery promoted contemporary artwork by various celebrated artists. The gallery has gained reputed recognition throughout the world by creating valuable image and literal dialogue of Indian art in the forms of virtuoso shows, intra-disciplinary events, art seminars, art books and resolutely framed catalogues.

In order to deliver strong support to publications on diversified Indian art, the celebrated gallery has published an incredible array of books, which is inclusive of catalogues based on critical analytical content. There are also portfolios available with signature of most prestigious Indian artists. Individuals can also find monographic books that are reproduction of entire artwork done by well-known artists of conventional as well as contemporary eras. Therefore, all art lovers who are in search of different kinds of artworks carried by reputed artists of India can find it under one roof of Art Alive Gallery.

Besides books and monographic means, the gallery also organizes various shows, events and exhibitions in order to grant the tribute to renowned Indian artists. The gallery also holds a strong commitment towards the art fraternity. It holds the responsibility of bringing forward the legendary artwork of the 20th Century as well as 21st Century. For this reason, it conducts various kinds of conceptualized events on a timely basis to build methodological connections between contemporary and modern art. People can therefore find different kinds of artworks of all eras within the gallery.

The Indian art culture is extremely diversifying and in order to serve all cultures notably, the Art Alive Gallery organizes exhibitions as well as fairs. These events also aim to provide necessary aid to distinguished art cultures so that they can secure excellent public appreciation. In addition to this, there are performance based shows and events held in the gallery. There are solo and retrospective shows organized by well-known artists in order to lay tribute to trendy indigenous artistic styles. Most of these shows are planned so well that they are organized and promoted in international art fairs as well.

Due to ongoing work and dedication of the gallery towards Indian art, it has been able to successfully bridge up the gap between two centuries. It has also explored novel paradigms by organizing numerous prestigious shows like Bridges in 2005, An Indian Summer in 2007 and more. The gallery also facilitates a podium for creative, innovative and experimental art practices that work to present problematic dilemmas of socio-cultural environment. Shows such as Distinguished Company by Nayanna Kanodia and Encounter by Veer Munshi are true examples of this. There are also special events planned to create awareness among public regarding various social issues that are ignored and unsaid.

There are also seminars and literary ventures conducted in the Art Alive Gallery. The main motive of organizing such affairs is to enhance audience responsiveness towards the amazing Indian artwork. These programmes are also supported to build powerful and long lasting connectivity between the artist and viewer. For these reasons, such events and activities are held not only in India but even in abroad in collaboration with countless prestigious organizations and institutions. The finest fact about the workings of this gallery is that it even organizes workshops for kids. With such an excellent measure taken by the gallery it has become possible to aware kids about artwork of great Indian artists.

The gallery is an institution that aims to shore up the creation as well as presentation of different kinds of modern artwork related to performing arts, visual arts, new media, film, literature, architecture and design. It seeks to offer abetment to art projects of innovative merit and cultural significance. Artworks that can challenge audiences with novel ways of judgment are always welcomed herein. The exhibitions, events, shows and other activities organized in the gallery are aim to provide Indian artwork with worldwide praise and recognition.

This is a finest place that not only deals with quality works of the most respected artists of India but it also promotes younger artists. F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza, Akbra Padamsee, Anjolie Ela Menon, K.G. Subramanyam are few of the renowned artists whose work is promoted in the gallery. There are countless other renowned artists also, whose incredible works are deliberately promoted by the gallery. This gallery aims to deliver global recognition to different kinds of Indian artwork. It even aids to offer respect to talented Indian artists who are new to this field. The gallery is an extraordinary platform for all young artists to promote their classic work on national and international strands.

The Art Alive Gallery aspires to develop aesthetically and eminently visual experience of Indian art. Its mission is to provide a boost to contemporary as well as trendy artwork of India. In order to display the qualitative contemporary artwork locally, nationally and internationally, the gallery willingly ventures into distinctive collaborative programs with reputed institutions of all across the world. It even participates in several international and national art festivals and fairs to deliver Indian artwork with everlasting support.


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