Chandigarh Tourism

Chandigarh tourism is flourishing. When Le Corbusier, the famous French architect, designed this city little did he know that the city would become one of the global tourist hubs of 21stcentury.The city is well-known for its architectural beauty and quality of life.

Chandigarh epitomizes modern co-existence with nature. The place stuns everybody by its landscapes, boulevard plantations, parks, forest areas, lakes, and gardens. The Rose Garden of Chandigarh is the biggest in Asia.

Do you know Chandigarh is the first planned city of independent India. It exhibits richness, prosperity, lush greenery, spic and span architecture and a thrill embedded in its festivals, events, shows, and adventure camps.


The Government Museum and Art Gallery boasts of an exclusive collection of paintings, art objects and sculptures. This is one of the most famous Indian museums.

The International Dolls Museum set up in 1985 has a striking collection of dolls that are collected from across the globe such as Russia, Germany, Spain, Korea, Netherlands, Denmark and others. Tourists can also find fairy tale characters in the form of dolls. The museum manages to mesmerize people from all walks of life.

For tourists visiting Chandigarh with their families, Funcity amusement park offers a great time. It is one of the largest amusement parks in the country. The park boasts of hi-tech hydraulic games, 5D cinema theatres and cool water rides. The place takes tourists to a completely different world. Although, the park is located some 20 kms from the city, it is worth a visit to add an element of fun to your trip.

Tourists seeking calmness of mind and refreshment must head to the Garden of Fragrance. The name itself suggests relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The garden has a clean and aromatic environment dotted with fragrant plants and trees.

When in Chandigarh, it is almost a sin to miss the Butterfly Park. It is located in sector 26 of the city. The park, spread in seven acres, is devoted to complete care of butterflies. The park has a beautiful landscape and exhibits a variety of trees and plants. Tourists can find vibrant flowering plants like petunia, marigold, salvia, and dahlia. Along with enjoying the brilliant “flying beauties” aka butterflies, people coming here also find their senses soothed in natural serenity.

Yet another tourist attraction that promises to give you an aesthetically-woven trip is Leisure Valley. This place is a chain of exquisite gardens that titillate tourists’ senses through their fresh, aromatic, vibrant, lush green, tranquil, and comfortable environment.

The Valley is a stretch of gardens that begins from Rajendra Park located in sector 1. It extends about 8 kms and comprises Shanti Kunj, Rose Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, and more. Tourists visiting Chandigarh in February can enjoy the 3-day carnival held in the Valley. The event is famous all over the country and witnesses swarms of tourists from abroad.

Chandigarh’s Amazing Master Plan

French Architect, Le Corbusier, created the Master Plan for this city. It is equivalent to the human body. The Capitol Complex is the ‘Head’ of the city, the City Center is the ‘Heart’, the Leisure Valley and Gardens are the ‘Lungs’, the Cultural and Educational Institutions are the ‘Limbs,’ and the 7 Vs are the city’s ‘Circulatory System’. The 7Vs are the city’s roads that are divided into seven categories.

Do you know that Chandigarh administration has established Le Corbusier Center at the old office of the architect in sector 19. The center exhibits the life and the works of this French architect. It is one of the tourist attractions today.

Chandigarh breathes vibrancy and vivaciousness, tranquillity and titillation, freshness and fantasy. It truly is a traveller’s delight.


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