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All India Fine Art & Craft Society

AIFACS which is abbreviated as All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society is a world famous art organization which was founded in 1928 to promote, improve and encourage fine art of Indian artists worldwide. It is said to be the home ground for art and sculpture. AIFACS organizes exhibitions all over the world in order to promote Indian culture and to provide an opportunity for Indian artists to know the diverse art and culture of all the parts of the world. There will also be moving exhibitions organized in the country so as to facilitate every individual to enjoy the elegance of art.

It is one of the most approachable cultural institutes which provide ground for thousands of artistic minds. Also, it is the art-friendly and classic place for huge number of artists, painters, sculptures and for the people who are associated with the theater. Its well built spacious gallery provides room for painters and sculptures. Those airy auditoriums makes place for theater artists and adds beauty of eternity. Along with organizing exhibitions and providing room for artists it also prepares awards for the artists throughout the country. Kala Vibhushan, Kala Ratna, Kala shree, Kala Samrat and another few twelve are the awards declared by AIFACS every three years, among which Kala Samrat is considered to be the highest award.

After independence most of its functions were transferred to other three National institutes namely – Lalit Kala Academy, Sahitya Academy and Sangeet Natak Academy which was set up in the year 1952. Also, the working area of AIFACS was divided into Visual art, literature and theater art. Lalit Kala Akademi is also known as the National Academy of Arts has its head quarters in New Delhi and regional centers at Chennai, Lucknow, Kolkata, Shimla and Bhubaneswar. This academy mainly deals with Visual Art. Sangeet Natak Akademi is also known as National Academy for Music Dance and Drama was set up by the Government of India. It mainly deals with theater art. Sahitya Akademi is also known as the National Academy of letters mainly deals with the promotion of literature of different languages across the country.


It was at the period of British Government in 1928 they decided to establish an Indian house in the city of London. At that time, they called for few talented artists from India to embellish the India house. It was the time when all Indian artists came under the banner name of AIFACS to work in the process of furnishing India house. At this point of time to fulfill the process, AIFACS sent its first All India Exhibition to London to allow the British Government to select the artists. Finally, they selected four artists to decorate India houses in London namely – Dhirendra Krishan Deb Burman, Lalit Mohan Sen, Ranada Ukil and Sudhangshu Choudhary. People can see their work in London even today. The Exhibition received good response from most of the European countries and the exhibition propagated across many European countries and returned to India in the year 1932.

After Freedom movement, AIFACS got a push and joined its hands with the Indian Government and worked towards cultural exchange across the world. AIFACS arranged for Art Exhibitions at different countries and also sent its best artist representatives across the world with the intension to show their talent and to know the other country’s cultural heritage. China, Shanghai, Australia, Japan, Melbourne, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Cairo, Moscow, Poland, Bulgaria, Cuba, US, and to many other countries AIFACS sent its representatives.

Society also conducts All India Art Exhibition at regular intervals. After that many events like All India Photo Exhibition, All India Studio pottery Exhibitions, International Contemporary Art Exhibition, All India Traditional Art Exhibitions, All India Veteran Artists Exhibition - with an aim to honor and encourage people above 60 years to participate, International Women Art Exhibition-to uplift the status of women in the society, Asian Art Exhibition and many more events were held by AIFACS in different parts of the country as well as world to promote Art and Culture and to Award the people who have achieved greater heights in their respective fields. Also Society held its Diamond Jubilee and awarded its prestigious Kala Vibhushan, Kala Ratna, Kala shree to the most talented artists.

AIFACS completed its 75 years of existence and celebrated Platinum Jubilee. Till now, it is working towards improvements by conducting Annual Exhibitions, Workshops for junior as well as senior artists, and Promote causes like Women empowerment. AIFACS Theater is considered to be one of the oldest theaters with rich heritage and memories. All one can say is as long as AIFACS works no artist will be left hunger.


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