Parks And Gardens

The innumerable parks and gardens make Delhi one of the most preferred metropolitan cities by the citizens. These parks and gardens are set up on sprawling landscapes, have a shady canopy of plants and trees, provide the much needed relief from scorching heat during summers, prove to be the most sought after places for morning walkers and joggers and serve as perfect unwinding spots for citizens who come to relax here after the maddening rush of their mechanical lives. Due to large number of gardens in the city, Delhi is the greenest of all metropolitan cities.

A visit to the city during the early mornings comprises of sights that make up what Delhi is today. One can see lots of bird watchers, trekkers, joggers and fitness enthusiasts on huge landscapes of the gardens of the city. One can also find lots of small children playing cricket in the large grounds and huge green expanses in most of the areas. These sites have been an indispensable part of Delhi right from time immemorial.

During the flowering season, the streets of Delhi are resplendent with huge number of florists who exhibit different varieties of flowers to the tourists. The color and vibrant ambience of Gulmohar flowers add to the beauty of the city. The red flowers strewn all across the city resemble a huge expanse of a red carpet welcoming for tourists and residents. Delhi is not only a place where nature can be experienced at its best, but it is also one of the most developed cities in the world with advanced technologies being introduced in the field of technology and science. The city also has a rich and historic culture that is evident from the grand architecture of the buildings and tombs found here. The rich culture, beautiful architecture, huge expanses of green parks and gardens and the vibrant nature of the city make Delhi a complete package where tourists love to visit over and over again.


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