Copal Art Gallery

Address Office No. 1112, DLF Tower, Mathura Road, Delhi - 110025
Contact Number 011- 40647045/40647052 
Days when open  Monday-Saturday 
Timings 9:30 am. To 7 pm.  
Email [email protected] 
Landmark Near Jasola District Center

The founder and director of Copal Art Gallery is Mr. Ajay Seth. He is also the chief mentor for Copal art, and the driving force behind the success of this gallery. In the year 2000, Mr. Seth started collecting art as a hobby; this hobby soon turned into his passion and took the form of Copal Art Gallery, in the year 2006. His motto behind this gallery is to educate and teach people the skill of appreciating all forms of art, and keep a special focus on Indian art.

Copal Art Gallery is an art bank for emerging and established collectors of Indian art. Their mission is to focus on establishing, educating and supporting art collectors, and fostering Indian artists and their art globally. Their support and encouragement offered to the artists all across the country, and the love and assistance received from the common people for Indian art, defines the success of Copal Art Gallery. The focused vision, dedication and facilities have encouraged artists from many small town and big cities to showcase their talent, and increase their love for Indian Art. Copal Art gallery has another mission, and that is to generate awareness on the art market in India and provide services, that will lead to financial growth in the businesses of their clients.

Copal Art Gallery also warmly welcomes the new entrants of art collectors, and has gradually shifted from being merely a B2B operator to C2C operators, through conducting auctions of the paintings that are renowned worldwide. The auctions are conducted online and also physically, according to the convenience of their customers. Copal provides updated and detailed knowledge about the art market to their potential buyers, to strike a perfect deal for their business through auctions. The research conducted and information provided to the buyers and subscribers is so accurate, that other operators conducting auctions rely on Copal's information.

Copal gallery conducts seminar and lectures on Indian Art, under the guidance of renowned artists to educate the common man, potential buyers and subscribers, about the quality and richness of art and the gift that our country is blessed with. Their lectures and seminars are attended in large numbers, and now, people are becoming more aware about how to appreciate the true beauty of an art work. This has encouraged many new people to work as full time artists.

The professional team of Copal Art Gallery helps the consumers to invest wisely in art. As Indian art is in very high demand globally, its value is increasing with every passing day and thus, this makes it a perfect place to invest money and keep the love for art intact. Copal Art Gallery has a team of professionals from the financial and art sectors, who help to build individual portfolios for their investors. The individual investor can own the art work and sell it later to gain profit and let the success rate grow.


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