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Languages Of Delhi

The widely spoken language in Delhi is Hindi which is also the native language of the country.

But apart from Hindi, even English is used for official work. All the people that you come across will be fluent in Hindi language with a few of them speaking Punjabi as well as Bihari too.

Most of the people in Delhi are highly educated, therefore, you can communicate with them in English. Even the shopkeepers and taxi drivers are fluent in English and can easily talk to you. Other than Hindi, other languages which are spoken in Delhi are Urdu as well as Punjabi but only a few people used it for communication. The kind of Hindi which is spoken in Delhi is a bit Persianized. It is more or less like the Hindi of Western UP but different than the Hindi of the MP region. Most of the signs that you come across in Delhi will be in Hindi, Urdu, English and Punjabi.

The different languages spoken in Delhi have gone through a huge transformation since many centuries. During the ancient times, Urdu was the most common language used by the people for communication but when British rule came in India, Delhi saw the influence of the English language. But, today the scenario is quite different as many languages like Hindi, Urdu, English and Punjabi are spoken here. Out of the four languages, English and Hindi are two most common languages. After independence, Urdu was only prevalent among the Muslim families living in Delhi. With lots of Punjabi’s coming to Delhi, nowadays there are many people who use Punjabi as their native language of communication. Around 76.15% of the people living in Delhi speak Hindi. There is no official language as people use different languages to communicate with one another.

Language in Delhi

Though Hindi and English are widely spoken in Delhi but nowadays you will find less people speaking either Hindi or English as rely on Hinglish which is a combination of both Hindi and English. Even Punglish is also common among the people which are a combination of English and Punjabi. This scenario is not only common in Delhi but even other areas are also influenced by it.

Delhi is located centrally, therefore, students and professionals come here to explore their education and career opportunities. This is the reason that people use different languages to talk to one another. Some of the regional languages are also enjoyed by the people and that is why the cable operators air a variety of channels for the interested users. The users enjoy such channels and love them a lot.

Though, Delhi is very popular but the politeness among the people is reducing day by day. The people have become very busy and this is the reason that they communicate using different languages. People are career oriented and do give value to the feelings of the individual. Thus, in the need of keeping pace with the society, the cultural values have been lost.


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