Chawla Art Gallery

Address Square One Mall, ground floor, C - 2 Saket Place, New Delhi 110017, India.
Contact Number (+9111) 2653-2077/ 2956-1819
Timings 11 am. To 7 pm. 
Entry fee No entry fees
Known for Online Gallery and Exhibitions

Chawla Art Gallery is located in one of the most luxurious and high-end malls of Delhi. It is open to all the art lovers and charges zero rupees to appreciate the magnificent art works of many talented artists. The gallery was envisioned as a stage for promoting and encouraging visual arts, as a creative element in the city. Many artists from various parts of the country, who are highly involved and engaged in Indian art, showcase their talents in this gallery to reach out to art lovers and express their emotions and feelings about life, and other major events through their art work.

Mr. D.V. Chawla is the founder of Chawla Art Gallery. He is enthusiastically engaged in the artistic activities since 1967. He is a connoisseur of art and a very successful businessman. He strikes a great balance between his professional and artistic side. As much as he enjoys being a businessman, he enjoys more than that and loves being a true art lover. He founded this gallery to encourage his artistic side and to do something special for art lovers everywhere. His only aim was to promote visual arts as a medium of creativity in the city and support all the young artists by providing them a strong platform to showcase their talents. Opening this gallery had an added benefit - it generated awareness amongst the common people about visual arts and the craft of appreciating a wide range of art works in a single place.

Shibani Chawla is actively involved in this art gallery since the year 1987 and has encouraged many talented artists to display their works and inspired many others, who have a strong liking for art. Her efforts have successfully generated awareness amongst the young people about Indian art, and have shown youth how to appreciate and get the taste of this creative form. Her endeavors have seen a significant contribution from the artistically inclined to encourage talented artists to do more for Indian art and get people to appreciate its real beauty.

The Chawla Art Gallery is one of the pioneers in the art business and is associated with renowned and leading artists from all across the globe. It is one of the most reputed art galleries in India and has a great impression on all art lovers. The clear aim and focused principle of this art gallery ever since its very inception was to bring all individuals who appreciate art closer to the greatest masters of Indian art.


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