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Rama Krishna Temple

Sri Rama Krishna Temple in Delhi is run by Rama Krishna mission of Swami Vivekananda. Rama Krishna Mission is a philanthropic organization which runs around the country with the purpose of welfare and charity at heart.

The Rama Krishna Temple in Delhi is the main center of all the Ram Krishna Mission and Rama Krishna Math present worldwide. It is a place for tranquility, peace, worship and a learning place for children.

The youth activities are held in the premises along with celebration of the birthdays of all prophets. Various spiritual and cultural activities are held here. It is a temple for meditation, a temple for aarti and a temple for attaining spirituality.

The foundation stone for the temple was laid on Nov 5, 1954 at morning 4 o’clock by Srimat Swami Sankaranantji Maharajah who is the 7th president of Ramakrishna Mission. The foundation stone for same was laid out in front of 2500 devotees and with opportune rituals and ceremonies.

The principle on which Rama Krishna Mission works is of Karma and Yoga. The Karma is what we do. It is highly believed in Hindu culture that a person gets the good and bad results of what they do in life. So it is always insisted to do good deeds in life so that the karma yoga is good.

The Mission has its headquarters is in West Bengal, India. The management of Shri Rama Krishna Temple is run by the joint effort of hundreds of monks and household disciples. Karma Yoga is the main disciple of this welfare organization.


The Rama Krishna Temple in Delhi is a beautiful building with multiple dome shaped structures. It dates back to 1934 and hence is an old style building. The holy feeling of connection to God is immeasurable once an individual gets in.

The premises also contain beautiful gardens to relax and get some peace of mind. Various meditation classes are conducted in the premises because of this quietness.

The plan of main shrine is 20’x20’ and natmandir of 31’x60’. An image of Sri Ramakrishna is centered at the temple and large gathering of crowd comes here and worship the idol. All the activities in temple are centered on the divine presence of Sri Ramakrishna in the temple.


The Rama Krishna Mission runs with the core idea of eradicating caste system from the society. There are no untouchables and nobody is banned from coming there. The Satang and Aarti are the main attractions of the temple.

The concept of Satsang covers ritual, prayers of god, communal prayers, reading and meditation. The Satsang is a very holy part of Hindu culture and brings all the people under one roof.

The aarti is ceremonial waving of lights in front of gods and seek their blessings. It is followed by offering Prasad to the devotees and is performed twice a day. The aarti is performed by the holy priests in front of god.

All the major Hindu festivals are observed in the temple. The main celebration is of Maha Shivratri over here. Krishna Ashtami, Durga Puja and Ram Navmi are also celebrated here with much enthusiasm.

Accepting and tolerating all religions is the main motto of Ram Krishna Mission. It is due to this belief that even a Christian festival such as Christmas is also observed here. The Buddha birthday would also be observed here.

Swami Vivekananda wanted his scholars to be intellectual too rather than just being spiritual. It is for this reason that an individual will find vast library in the Rama Krishna Temple premises. It is a big pool of learning from which a learner can absorb as much as they can.

It holds a computer training centre which is training 407 students as of now. This is just one more step towards forming educated and capable followers. A free coaching centre is run there which gives free coaching to the nearby municipal students. They are poor and can’t afford to pay for the fees so are educated free of cost.

A homeopathy dispensary is also there. The big and efficient homeopathy dispensary is a destination for many ill people who are happy to get their treatment in the sanctity of Rama Krishna Temple.

The temple also holds a permanent exhibition of import facets of life of Swami Vivekananda and Maa Sarada Devi. It has a prayer hall for sitting quietly and praying to god. The feeling of immense spirituality that an individual get by sitting in their prayer hall is blissful.

The book stalls in the Rama Krishna Temple sells the books for the enlightenment on Swami Vivekananda’s life and ideologies.


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