Indian Handicrafts Emporium

Indian Handicrafts emporium (IHE), located near the picturesque ancient monument Qutub Minar, strives to uphold the wonderful tradition of crafts and arts in India. The emporium which is two centuries old has one of the most traditional and valuable collection of crafts and arts. The vast collection of the emporium includes handmade handicrafts, Jewellery, painting and precious stones.


The emporium which has volumes to speak about its two century legacy is a museum of handicrafts and Indian artifacts. The highly skilled craftsmen have passed on their talent to their next generation and hence the never compromising quality of the handicrafts and their versatility has attracted numerous tourists at this emporium.

Gone are the days of ancient royal lineage, but the craftsmanship and processes involved in the manufacture of handicrafts and artifacts remains the same as the ancient period. The commitment and adherence to traditional values are worth appreciable. Several renowned personalities from across the world have visited this treasure house.

This website makes an effort to portray the grandeur of Indian Handicrafts emporium. However, your senses would come to life by visiting this wonderful place which has been nurtured by some of the highly talented craftsmen who work towards up keeping the traditions of India.


Kashmiri Carpets

The Kashmiri Carpet collection is a wonderful section at Indian Handicrafts Emporium. The traditional design works and fabrication processes are followed in true spirit. These handmade carpets are available in the following varieties:

  • Kashmiri Kirman Afghani Style Carpet
  • Kashmiri Silk Carpet
  • Kashmiri Bookhra Style Carpet

These carpets would enhance the beauty of your room and can also be used for special occasion or daily purpose. The style of Kashmiri carpets are drawn from the Persian carpets which has lovers across the globe. The quality of these carpets is determined by the knots per inch. The more the knots per inch, the design comes better and more attractive the carpet. These types of carpets usually require more material and may prove a bit costlier.

Silk Dress Material

Silk is always related as symbol of beauty. This has been aptly understood and hence IHE has a vast collection of silk materials to offer. Silk materials are being provided to all parts of the world by IHE. The varieties in silk materials include Kurtas, Sarees, Ladies Gowns, shirts, bed covers and scarves. The silk materials are also available in various forms like brocade, bootidar, plain and spun. The silk used at IHE is extracted from high quality silk worms. It would be an excellent experience to try some of the silk products at IHE, where prices are very reasonable considering the quality.


Paintings, crafts and art forms have been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition since the ancient period. The paintings among these art forms have kept the masses in close proximity with their religion. The artistic talents of the Indian artists can be witnessed at the painting section of IHE. The Indian culture on art has relived by the excellent work of these artisans. Starting from the miniature painting to the popular Thanjavur Paintings are available at IHE. Thanjavur painting is the most popular art work in the world belonging to the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The collection of miniature paintings available at IHE belong to the Nathdwara (Rajasthan) and Chamba (Himachal) regions. These places have prominent position in the history of world paintings. These paintings supplied by IHE are appreciated worldwide for its vibrant color usage, traditional themes and beautiful finishing.

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan Jewellery which is a Jewellery form made using various varieties of stones are extensively found at IHE in different designs and patterns. Kundan Necklace set is very popular and fast moving item. The elegance of this Jewelry is sure to enhance the beauty of person wearing it. Attractive designs in Kundan Jewelry are alluring and attract numerous visitors from both within and outside India. This jewelry is available at a very reasonable price.


Indian Handicrafts Emporium,
5, Mehrauli Road (Near Qutub Minar), New Delhi-110 030 (India)
Phone: 91-11-26563156,  26514599,  26514577,
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