Art Pilgrim

History of Art Pilgrim

Art Pilgrim Gallery is a finest gallery in India that was set up almost a decade ago. This gallery was first inaugurated in Hauz Khas Village and then, it shifted to another region of Delhi. Geeta Singh is the prestigious founder as well as director of the gallery. She initiated this institution in order to provide a platform for distinguished contemporary Indian artwork. The founder herself is a devoted art collector and it was because of her avid art interest that the gallery came into being. The gallery was therefore introduced a decade ago in order to abet art practices of India of not only renowned artists but also of young upcoming talents.

This is totally a unique gallery that holds distinct style and trustworthy identity of its own. The gallery is known for organizing numerous shows and events that are based on reliable and fair operational means. There are seminal shows planned herein by experienced as well as young artists. Besides this, there are also solo and group exhibitions planned at the gallery on a regular basis. These events are planned and conceptualized on stringent standards and with the motto of creating public awareness about different kinds of contemporary art work of India.

At present, the reputed gallery is located in Gurgaon. It conducts various kinds of outstanding programmes that introduce art collectors and enthusiasts to not only well established names but also to new talent in the country. Talented young artists from all across the nation, who truly hold great potential of providing more privilege to Indian artworks, are always welcomed here. This is a finest platform for all artists who hold excellent proficiency in contemporary Indian art and who have the ability to meet art standards of international level. The gallery plans solo exhibitions for such artists in order to provide a worldwide appreciation to them.

In addition to organizing exhibitions and fairs in India, the Art Pilgrim Gallery also holds seminal shows based on international grounds. The gallery has conducted famous seminal shows at imperative art centers in London. The ‘Indian Images’, a profound exhibition of finest contemporary artists was organized at the Nehru Center in the year 2005. In addition to this, there was also two solo event of renowned Bengali artist Suhas Roy was organized in 2006 as well as 2007. ‘Fact and Fiction’ was a specially curated group event that was held in 2007 at the SW1 Gallery of London.

The gallery conducts all such events and exhibitions in order to provide Indian artwork with international recognition. It continuously stages its inaugural exhibition entitled with Indian images that are featured with the work of highly prestigious artists of India. Moreover, the gallery also brings forward highly qualitative catalogues that are feature rich with the work of artists who participates in the gallery events. These catalogues also aids to document developments in different fields of the contemporary Indian art scene. It levy focus on showcasing a wealth of Indian artwork to the entire world and thereby also plans to conduct fairs and events at different parts of the globe.

The Art Pilgrim Gallery also holds focus on promoting diversified Indian artwork. It aims to demonstrate the aesthetic appeal of diverse artworks. For this reason, it not only covers figurative art but also non-figurative art. It is due to its longed efforts that the gallery is able to acquire reputed place in global artistic culture. This is an excellent place for establishing a reliable platform for interaction between collectors and artists. All art lovers who wish to secure high quality artwork at affordable means can truly go for seeking offerings of this gallery.

This gallery is one of the most effervescent art venues in India. It exhibits an assortment of works by famous and young artists who are exceptional contemporary visionaries or historical masters. It holds more than 1000 works in its collection which are showcased by rotation. One can also look for figurative contemporary artwork herein that is exclusively displayed under special programs. Promoting young and upcoming talents is the core activity of the gallery. It offers them a platform to launch their careers in the art field. It even stocks and buys work outright that is promising and innovative enough to meet the talent pool of prestigious art personalities from all around the world.

It believes to put forward modern artwork to not only art lovers but also to general public. There is the necessity of creating deep knowledge of Indian artwork among the general public and for this reason the gallery also organizes fairs that are inviting to people from all parts of the globe. These exhibitions are planned to explore a startling collection of gallery in order to provide a long lasting appreciation to respective artists. People who want to enjoy and collect masterpieces of different contemporary artwork can always look forward to attend group exhibitions organized by gallery at large scale.

The gallery is stocked with not only work of masters but also with paintings, drawing, prints and other artworks of artists who possess creative talent pool and will draft future art of India. The gallery also holds collaboration with various prestigious associations in India and abroad that can support in developing Indian contemporary art on a large scale. The Art Pilgrim Gallery is one of the finest places in India for promoting as well as collecting contemporary Indian artwork from all parts of world.


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