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Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited (KMVNL): Promoting Tourism, Community Development and Industry

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited (KMVNL) does all it can to greet tourists with pomp and pleasure in this land of endless fascination. Reports say that there has been an increase in the accommodation facilities at vital tourist spots since the inception of KMVNL in 1976.

Out of the 13 districts of Uttarakhand, Kumaon encompasses 6 districts. They include Nainital, Kausani, Almora, Pithoragarh, Bageshwar and Udham Singh Nagar.

Uttarakhand was born in 2000 from Uttar Pradesh. Today, Garhwal and Kumaon divide this state into two. Garhwal, which is in the west, encompasses the famous Rishikesh, while Kumaon encompasses the stunning mountains in the east.

The hills of Kumaon are soaked in grandeur. The mountain scenery awes you to no end. The snow-capped Himalaya peaks in the north give tourists an out-of-the-world experience. The region also harbours famous hills stations of Nainital and Almora located at foothills of the Himalayan range. The amazing Corbett National Park is here.

Working of KMVNL

KMVNL contributes to developing this region. Its work also includes opening employment opportunities and carrying out sustainable community development. The chief duty of KMVNL is tourism promotion.

It is responsible for creating, maintaining and promoting tourist rest houses and other excellent accommodation. Tourists can avail of the facilities of this agency almost everywhere in Kumaon, from Nainital to Adi Kailash, Pindari, Darma, and more.

KMVNL conducts packaged tours in the whole of Kumaon. Travellers can take the benefit of customized tour packages that suit their individual touring needs. The agency is also responsible for developing recreation projects like eco-gardens, ropeways, amusement parks. The splendid arrangement done by the agency helps tourists cherish each moment in Kumaon.

KMVNL is also involved in marketing services and industry and entrepreneurial development.

More about Kumaon

Kumaon is rich in history. It is also about pure natural beauty dotted with amazing wildlife, flora, and fauna. Tourists coming here can expect a remarkable experience. The place offers plenty of fascinating places to spend quality time alone or with family and friends. People coming here get a golden chance to connect with nature. Some spiritual seekers can even discover themselves in this land of the Himalayas.

Words are not enough to describe the well-known Jim Corbett National Park. Apart from this, there is Cave Garden, beautiful lakes, river valleys, chains of mountains etc. This place draws huge numbers of pilgrims and peace-seekers.

The region has vast cultural wealth. Kumaon’s history dates back to more than 3000 years. Tourists visiting this place cannot resist items of art and craft, fairs and festivals, folk songs and dance and the cuisine.

For those of the adventurous kind, the rapids of Mahakali, Kosi offers a challenge for rafting. The trekkers can take extra ordinary routes of Pindari, Milam. The die-hard shoppers can shop till they drop in the mall of Nainital. So, there is something for everybody in this wonderful land.

Prime Places of Kumaon

Nainital is one of the best and most preferred hills stations to visit in summer, but tourists coming here in winter can have an unforgettable experience. This place is dipped in pure natural beauty and wonder.

Almora is a small, tranquil hill town, extremely beautiful and peaceful. This place is not much explored. It gives tourists a chance to be up close and personal with the mighty Himalayas.

Kausani is famous for its exotic beauty and jaw-dropping views of Himalayan peaks such as Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchachuli. Honeymooners can have a splendid time here.

Baijnath, some 16 kilometres from Kausani, is a place that tourists must not miss. The Baijnath Temple Complex on the banks of River Gomti dates back to the 12th century AD.

Ranikhet which means “Queen’s Field” is another place of tourist interest. For those looking to enjoy snowfall must come here around December and January.

The list of wonder does not end here. There are more places to see in Kumaon. Thanks to the efforts of KMVNL, travelling and staying in Kumaon is fun, easy, and comfortable.


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