For people from other states, it can be a little expensive staying in Delhi if you do not make wise decisions. You can find the type of accommodation you want in Delhi depending upon your budget and preferences. There are five star, three star and budget hotels as well from which you can choose from to stay in Delhi. The decision-making can get a little difficult because the five stars are very expensive and the budget hotels do not always give you very good services.

There are several budget hotels, which you can find from Paharganj to south Delhi providing decent services as well. Before you decide on a hotel, you must know the purpose of your visit so that you can chose the location properly. If you are there in Delhi for business purpose and will need to catch the metro frequently, then it is better that you get an accommodation near Paharganj. On the other hand, if you are a tourist, then central and South Delhi are the best options for you as you can save a considerable amount of money on conveyance this way. The hotels should be booked accordingly based on the purpose of the visit.

After deciding the purpose, you must check for hotels online and consider only those who have a genuine website and have details showing that they do exist. You can even check the pictures so that you get an idea on the services you can get. However, you must not make your decision entirely based on the pictures. Several websites give reviews on such hotels. You must consider that to ensure that you are choosing the right hotel.

Several people think that budget hotels do not provide quality services and price of the hotel and quality of services is directly related, which is not always true. If you do your research properly, you can easily find a decent budget hotel with services like 24 hours food service, cab pickup and drop, hot and cold water etc. You can find several hotels, which give you the best hospitality that is usually found in the expensive hotels of Delhi.

The best way to stay in the city is budget hotels and you can find the one you want by doing a little research on the same and choose wisely.


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