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Tourism Department Puduchery

In the eastern coast of Bay of Bengal in India, lies a paradise of sun drenched shores, quaint hutments, residences of French designs and the serene ashrams of repute. A few centuries ago, Pondicherry, as was the name then, had been a French colony briefly wrested by the British, but it finally came under Indian Government in 1953. Officially, the status of union territory was given to the town of Puduchery in 1963 after a treaty being signed between the Indian and French governments. But, much before the Indian occupancy of Pondicherry, it had been a favoured tourist destination, mostly because of the serene beaches and the picturesque landscapes. It is still a sought after destination among tourists coming to south India, who find the land with a taste of French and spice of Tamil Nadu.

Tourism Department, Puduchery

Located near to the city of Chennai, it is accessible easily by bus or private taxis from Chennai and has become a common destination for many tourists. In the present day, modernisation has overtaken lot of spaces in this land, but still there are plenty of places for tourism. In order to promote tourism in this Union Territory, the Tourism Department, Puduchery was formed by the government. Through the official website of tourism department, Puduchery, tourists can avail a lot of information about this beach city and other areas of interest.

Although, there are official communications through print and visual media, tourism department, Puduchery has tried to project its efforts through the official tourism site of Puduchery.

Directions for reaching Puduchery can be known from the site, where the list of some travel agents and tour providers are listed. Tourists can also learn about the cab services in Chennai and Puduchery. Hotels and accommodation facility information is also provided by the tourism department, Puduchery. Eating out in Puduchery is a tourist’s delight, as people can taste the best of European and French cuisine in some restaurants. There are also eateries serving south Indian dishes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories. Few of the restaurants also provide Chinese and Vietnamese food, while some are exclusive for western pastries.

Tourists can go for sightseeing in different places of Puduchery, but they will have to be properly informed about these destinations. To make their experiences unique, tourists can choose to go for heritage walks. Timing the visits during festivals is something that tourists can do and this is possible by noting down different fairs and festivals in the coming days. From January till December, there are a plenty of festivals and annual events being organised in Puduchery and these days are updated in the official portal for the tourists to understand them and plan their trips to Puduchery accordingly.

Low costs of most of the products make Puduchery a shopper’s hub. Most of the tourists coming into Puduchery make it a point to carry back variety of items such as garments, textiles, classical pottery, scents and perfumes and many leather goods. Various South Indian products are also available in Puduchery for the tourists to have their choice. They can shop from the areas like Anna Salai, Mahatma Gandhi Street, Nehru Street, Cathedral Street and Romain Rolland Street.

Besides providing plenty of information on Puduchery, the tourism department of Puduchery also maintains a helpdesk for the tourists. A few projects to promote tourism are underway in Puduchery, so that tourism will further be attractive for tourists from different parts of the country that will get to see the rich heritage and culture in Puduchery’s streets and buildings.


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