Art Galleries

New Delhi, the significant state from the point of historical importance, carries strong background of culture and art.
Being a famous spot of Indian art, New Delhi, delivers a complete package of traditional crafts and arts. This state has produced few prominent personalities in art field like Jayanta Roy, Abhishek Hazra and Anita Dube. The craft and art culture in this city comprises of wooden handicrafts, articles designed from bell metal, ivory, conch-shell, bamboo and cane, handmade accessories and paintings etc.

Art galleries in Delhi deliver a perfect background for all forms of art workshops and exhibitions. Most significant New Delhi art galleries actively work with both renowned persons in art field and with amateur artists in the state. Art Galleries in New Delhi carries various precious collections including paintings, bamboo and cane work, terracotta, embroidered textiles, jewelry, stone and wood carvings, masks, puppets, toys, dolls, ivories, everyday using items including utensils, ritual accessories, lamps and also bronze images.

Best Galleries of Delhi

Art Alive, Greater Kailash-2

Art Alive was inaugurated by Sunaina Anand in the year 2001 and is known to be a highly active gallery. Apart from housing great works from S.H. Raza and Anjolie Ela Menon, Anand invites talented artists from Stalks art colleges and Bengal School of Art to serve the purpose of fresh ideas and talent. Anand holds minimum 5 shows every year based on the various themes from normal life schedule. There was huge response to the latest Art Alive Masters Series.

Art Heritage, Tansen Marg

Roshen Alkazi and Ebrahim has been operating this gallery for the last three decades at Triveni Kala Sangam. Alkazis was a live wire in Mumbai’s Progressive Group where they developed friendship with several trained artists. Faisal Alkazi, son of theatre director stated that most of popular artists maintain trust-based relationship towards them.

Delhi Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village

Ashish Anand, Collector and seller manages this gallery and indulge in developing a place for underestimated artists in India. Displaying huge collection right from the period of pre-independence to till date, this gallery captures the revolution in Indian art in the form of organizing shows and purchasing collections.

Dhoomimal, Connaught Place

This oldest gallery got its status out of default. During 1940s, this place was artist’s stationery store. When those artists couldn’t make up their payment, their works were held for sale. Dhoomimal displays the work of M.F. Husain, P.N. Choyal, Laxman Pai and Jamini Roy and many others.

Nature Morte, Neeti Bagh

Nature Morte is an ultra-modern gallery managed by Peter Nagy who focuses on adventurous and challenging works. This gallery hosts paintings, photography and installations of renowned artists.

Vadhera Art Gallery, Defence Colony

Some of the masterpiece art in the city rests in this gallery. There is no place for amateur artists as this place has been already filled with master arts from Ganesh Pyne, Bhupen Khakkar and V.S. Gaitonde.

Triveni Kala Sangam, Tansen Marg

This gallery is a representative for Indian culture with two in-built galleries like Shridhrani Gallery (displaying works of prominent artists) and quaint Triveni Gallery (accommodating the works of amateur photographers, sculptors and painters.

Visual Arts Gallery, Lodhi Road

Alka Pande, an art historian and curator harvest talent and organize thematic shows to satisfy art lovers. It holds its own value by leaving space for various other galleries which is followed by other galleries.



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