Why Delhi

 Why Health Tourism in Delhi?

Any tourist will get astonished by the variety of sights offered by Delhi city. The city is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary world which can be clearly observed in Delhi medical tourism. Apart from the huge number of world class hospitals, there is also a chance for less popular medical doctors who carry out many conventional treatment protocols. This is the place where international standard medical procedures were carried out at cheaper rate. Though the rate is less, the quality of medical service is at world class standards. There is no waiting list for any service. At the maximum, they respond immediately. This kind of calm and politeness will leave a long lasting satisfaction among patients.

Few More Facts on the Popularity of Medical Tourism in Delhi

  • All the leading hospitals are accompanied by good accommodating hotels. These hospitals also provide faster and easier mode of transport right from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) to their respective hotels and then towards their treatment hospitals.
  • All those hotels are in good link with major travel and tour websites like Yatra.com and also with hospitals in order to provide better comfort.
  • This let to major growth in Delhi medical tourism through which highly economical and special packages are offered by travelling agents to patients and their attendants by involving in direct link with hotels. Hotel management also provides reasonable packages for families of patients by keeping in mind the cost of medical treatment involved.
  • There are cases where hospitals also provide accommodation to patient attendants in hotels by having a direct link with all prominent hospitals for providing accommodation for attendants of the patient.

Do you think Delhi is the most developing Capital in the world?