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The city capital of India is Delhi that displays both conventional and contemporary history and future of the city. The big city of Delhi has two parts one is the historic old Delhi while the other part is well designed and organized New Delhi. Both the parts of the city are adjacent to each other but the rush and fast life of the city makes the two parts look miles apart. The required and must known facts the tourists should know on their visit to the city have been explained in details below.

Delhi History

The history of the city says that it was not the capital of the country always and even it wasn’t named Delhi initially. The past of the city says that it has been called by eight different names before finally it was named as Delhi as called in current days. The first ever name of the city was Indraprastha that was the name given during the great epic period of Mahabharata. As per the historical Archaeological substantiation, the city had its major evidence of existence at the place where currently the monument of Red Fort is located in the older part of Delhi. The city has been ruled by uncountable number of kings and rulers. The city has also been ruled by the Mughals for as long as three centuries and they majorly ruled the northern part of the city. The most former rulers of the city were the Britishers who brought up the latest part named New Delhi in the year 1911 and made the city capital of India. Earlier, the city of Kolkata was the capital of the country.

Delhi Location

Delhi is located in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, in northern India.

The city of Delhi belongs to northern part of the country.

Delhi Time Zone

There is no Daylight Saving time applicable on the city and the time is +5.5 hours UTC.

Delhi Population

More than 17 million people reside in the city and is ranked after Mumbai for being the largest Indian city.

Delhi Language

The major language spoken in the area of Delhi is Hindi that is also the language nationally spoken in the country. The highly educated people of the city are capable of speaking English language along with Hindi while many taxi drivers and shopkeepers have learnt to speak English to manage their business with foreign visitors. One of the other languages that are spoken by a small group of people is Punjabi.

Delhi Weather

The climatic conditions in the city are always extreme with summers being too hot and winters too cool. The temperature of the city in the months from April to June goes up to as high as 40 degree Celsius. The city experiences rain in the months from June to October that helps in cooling the heat of the summers but still the temperature falls only up to 35 degree Celsius. Winters in the city are declared as the month of November approaches. The temperature in the months of winters goes down to 20 degree Celsius during day time while the nights in the season of winter remain extreme cold with temperature going to as low as 5 degree Celsius.

Delhi Airport Information

The city of Delhi has an International airport located in the Palam area that belongs to southern part of the city. Both international and domestic airport of the city is connected with airport shuttle service. The mode of transport that can be hired to travel through the city is via hired cabs and taxis. The taxi service from airport is prepaid and one can take the travel receipt cost from the driver. During winters, many flights get delayed because of thick fog in the city.

Delhi Transport

The transport facilities in the city have been advanced with the passage of time and are still improvising as per the current times. The modern transportation that the visitors can utilize is the latest buses and metro trains that are air-conditioned, self buying ticket machines, on-call cab services. Along with these, the on-the-go taxi and auto-rickshaw facilities are also available. The only problem with getting an auto-rickshaw is that they do not use the meter for charging the fare and so the visitors should finalize the price before hiring the auto-rickshaw.

Delhi Top Attractions

The most sought out places in the city are its mosques and monuments that belonged to Mughal era and the forts that can be seen in almost every part of the city. Most of these historical buildings have been still surrounded by green lush gardens. There are vast differences between the two parts of the city: Old and New Delhi and hence it is required for a visitor to explore both the parts of the city. The older part of Delhi serve finger licking food at the famous Chandni Chowk. The city also has innumerable markets for the shopaholics. The spas in the city are also famous and the most visited among these is the Amatrra Spa.

Delhi Health and Safety Information

The most unfortunate thing about the city is that it is also considered as the crime capital of the country and is the most unsafe city for women and children. Scams of harassing tourists are also very common here.


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