Ministry Of Tourism Office

The Tourism Ministry is dedicated in framing the national policies as well as programmes, promoting tourism and coordinating different activities of State Governments/UTs, Central Government Firms and Private Sectors too. The tourism department is handled by the ministers of the State Tourism who takes charge of all the activities.

The Secretary of State Tourism and Director General (DG) both are in charge of the Ministry of Tourism for its promotion or development. The responsibility of the Director General and Secretary is to ensure that the policies or the programmes are being implemented in the right way. In total, there are 20 offices in India while 14 are in abroad. A project called ‘Winter Sports’ is being organized by IISM also known as Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering. The offices in abroad are dedicated in promoting tourism while Indian offices provide the necessary information to the tourists and monitor the various tourism projects too. Special activities and Ski courses have been started in J&K valley for the tourists.

India Tourism Development of Corporation comes under the Ministry of Tourism and includes other institutions like

  • National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology (NCHMCT) as well as IHM (Institutes of Hotel Management).
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management (IITTM) and National Institute of Water Sports (NIWS)

Role and Functions of the Ministry of Tourism

Tourism Ministry is the apex agency which helps in the promotion of the tourism so that more tourists can come to India and enjoy a great trip. This is the reason that the ministry makes an effort to coordinate as well as implement the policies laid down by the State or UT Governments and frames a strong marketing strategy to boost the tourism of different states. A lot of money is spent on tourism promotion so that excellent services can be enjoyed by the local and foreign tourists who come to India. The functions performed by them include.

  • All Policy Subjects
  • External Assistance
  • Planning
  • Promotion & Advertising
  • Development Policies
  • Investment Facilitation
  • Incentives. External Assistance
  • Coordination among Departments, Ministries and State/UT Governments
  • Regulation
  • Standards
  • Guiding principle
  • Infrastructure and Product Development
  • Policies
  • HR Development
  • Associations
  • Formulating Guidelines and Standards
  • Publicity & Advertising
  • Strategy
  • Approaches
  • Co-ordination
  • Research, Investigation, Monitoring & Estimation
  • International Collaboration & External Support
  • International Group
  • Bilateral Agreements
  • External Aid
  • Foreign Technical Alliance
  • Legislation & Parliamentary Work
  • Establishment Matters
  • Vigilance Matters
  • Accomplishment of official language guidelines.
  • Budget management
  • Plan, coordinate & monitor

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