Dilli Haat

Quick Facts

Locations:  Dilli Haat INA, Dilli Haat Pitampura
Nearest Metro:  INA Station for Dilli Haat INA, Netaji Subhash Station for Dilli Haat Pitampura
Dilli Haat INA timings:  10.30 am to 10:00 pm 
Dilli Haat INA Entry Fee:  Rs20 (Adult), Rs10 (Children)
Dilli Haat Pitampura timings - 10:30 AM to 09:00 PM
Dilli Haat Pitampura Entry Fee:  INR 15 /- for Adults, INR 5 /- for children

Dilli Haat is an open craft bazaar and food plaza, which is run by Delhi Tourism and Transportation development Corporation (DTTC). There are two similar bazaars in Delhi currently, one is near All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Sri Aurobindo Marg. Moreover, the second one is Dilli Haat, which is situated in Pitampura in the Northern part of Delhi. It was established in April 2008. There are several stalls in Dilli Haat where each of them has goods representing the states of India. The variety available in these shops keeps changing every fifteen days and one can get the feeling of different states of India at one place only.

Dilli Haat is the place to be when it comes to crafts bazaar and eating joints. It is located opposite INA market at Shri Aurobindo Marg in New Delhi. It is at the heart of Southern part of Delhi and attracts thousands of people daily from India as well as abroad. The pleasing combination of arts and crafts has attracted many people and has given the craftsmen a good business. Food, cultural activities and craft goes hand in hand in the place, which attracts people towards it. Dilli Haat is spread over six acres of land and has a separate corner where the children can play and have fun.

Evening is the best time to visit Dilli Haat because you get to see the cultural diversity along with the glitters of village and craftsmen out there.

History of Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat was jointly established by Delhi Tourism (DTDC), Govt. of Delhi and NDMC, ministry of textiles and the ministry of tourism. It was in 1994 that Dilli Haat was established and in 2003, it became wheelchair accessible along with bathrooms. The second Dilli Haat of Delhi was established by DTTDC in Pitampura, which is close to the TV tower and spread over 7.2 hectares of land. Plans to establish more haats over Delhi is being made to spread the craft and art all over the place. The first comic conversion of India was started in Dilli Haat. Comic Con India was organized at Dilli Haat and it is a venue for crafts, dance, and music. It is situated at the center of Delhi and it looks like a weekly market at a greater scale. The handicrafts and the food and cultural activities present in this permanent Haat attract many people, making it one of the most sought after place. It has been given a village touch that makes it look very traditional. The plaza is paved with stones and is sprinkled with glass and brickwork.

Architecture of Dilli Haat

The architecture of Dilli Haat has been made in a typical traditional north Indian style where it has stone roofs and brickwork jail.

The exhibition of handlooms and handicrafts is seen in the hall, which is there in the complex of the Haat. Attractive ethnic products are displayed in the courtyards that are there between the shops. The thatched roofs and the cottages give you a feeling that you are in a village. These shops are set on the platforms, which are like a link between the designs of the bazaar. There is a courtyard between every shop, which is paved with stones and there is grass in between so that the visual softness of the place remains.

Dilli Haat does not stand behind in the landscaping and so have beautiful shrubs and trees all over the complex maintaining harmony with the environment.

How to Reach Dilli Haat

Delhi is well connected with public transport and so, it is the best option for you when it comes to reaching Dilli Haat. If you want a comfortable transportation, then you can choose metro. INA is the nearest stop for metros as well as the buses and you can choose any one of them to reach your destination.

There are two Dilli Haats: one is in Pitampura near the TV tower while the other one is at INA at Aurobindo Marg. Both the haats are well accessible with transportation facility and is connected well with other parts of Delhi as well. One can even get their private vehicle and reach there with the well-connected roads of Delhi.

Even if you do not know the route, you can ask the localities and reach Dilli Haat. The people are ready to help and the popularity of Dilli Haat always brings people towards it, making it popular among people. You can even use GPS to reach Dilli Haat if you own a smart phone.

Shopping in Dilli Haat

The craftsmen registered with DC Handicrafts have the permission to sell their goods in Dilli Haat. There are around 62 stalls in the area and they have been allotted to people on a rotational basis. These craftsmen come from all over India and display their goods in order to earn a living. They work there for just 100 INR per day for 15 days maximum. The authorities ensure that the visitors get new authentic goods and the price is not inflated by the craftsmen because of the maintenance cost of the stall.

Fifteen-day rotational method is there for the handicrafts stall and they come from different parts of the country displaying their goods. This ensures that the visitors get new fresh stock every time they visit Dilli Haat.

The complex of Dilli Haat also has an exhibition hall where handlooms and handicrafts are shown and promoted on a regular basis. The food plaza at Dilli Haat gives you the taste of different Indian cuisines from north Indian to south Indian food. You can find all types of traditional Indian dishes there at a decent rate. People often visit Dilli Haat just to satisfy their taste buds with these delicious dishes. Regional food festivals are also held in Dilli Haat.


Dilli Haat is said to be the only place where you can get authentic cuisine from all over India under one roof. The special traditional cuisines from all the states of India are there in the food plaza present in Dilli Haat. Seventeen food stalls are there maintained by the tourism authorities of the state from which they belong. The food is not even very pricy, so if you are just going there to eat, you can take along 300-700 INR. You must try the recipes offered by different regions to have the best experience.

Entry Fees and Timings of Dilli Haat

Timings: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm (all days open)
Entry: Nominal Entry Fee
Address: Dilli Haat (opposite INA Market), Sri Aurobindo Marg
A Unit of Delhi Tourism
Website: Dilli Haat at Wikipedia
Contact: +91-11-4629365, 6119055
Map: Dilli Haat at Google Maps
Metro: Nearest Metro Station - 'INA'

Contact Information for Dilli Haat


State:    Delhi
District: South Delhi
City:       New Delhi  
Pincode:              110023 (Kidwai Nagar East S.O)

Contact Information

Phone:                 011-4629365, 6119055
Address:              Dilli Haat (opposite INA Market), Sri Aurobindo Marg


Address: -           Near TV Tower and Netaji Subhash Metro station - 110023
Phone: -               011 - 2611 9055, 2467 8817


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