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Millennium Indraprastha Park

Millennium Indraprastha Park, set up in 2004, is a beautiful park located on the Outer Ring Road. This park is easily accessible through buses, trains, metro rails, auto-rickshaws and taxis. This park was a result of the initiatives taken by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). The green and lush lawns of the park were aimed at providing utmost relief and comfort to the citizens of Delhi. This park served as the perfect getaway from the maddening pace of the city lives.


This park that has been set up on a sprawling 85 acres stretches up to 2.7 km. Hence, this park assumes the top rank in terms of length. The dense growth of trees and the lush lawns that resemble a green carpet attracts elders and young couples who throng to this park during evening hours and holidays. This park is a huge hit among kids as well as they get to play in 13 swings and slides here. Since DDA observed lots of people spending time in the park, it also constructed around five hotels in the premises of the park that serves ready-to-eat foods to tourists. Cooking is totally banned in the premises.

The beauty of Millennium Indraprastha Park lies in the neat and perfect growth of bushes and plants that are regularly trimmed. The bushes, especially, are trimmed in such a way that they form excellent shapes and patterns around the massive lawns. There are lots of efforts that are going on to construct more play areas for toddlers and kids so that they feel attracted to the park. The water works are excellent here. The fountains are aesthetically designed and have colorful and safe lights on them that do not endanger the plants and shrubs nearby. The fountains are illuminated during evenings and attract visitors in a big way. There are lots of facilities in the park like chairs, benches, thatched cottages, stools etc. where morning walkers and joggers can stop by and take rest, thereby making this park one of the most sought-after destinations for relaxation.

This park has a classic Peace stupa that was inaugurated during 14th November, 2007 by the Dalai Lama, Lt. Governor of Delhi and all Monks and Nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji. There are various sections in the park known as Topiary Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, Smriti Van, Fragrant Garden and Foliage Garden.


There are lots of facilities in Millennium Indraprastha Park for the benefits of the tourists who come here. There is a big amphitheater constructed within the premises of the park where lots of cultural events are organized in coordination with the Sahitya Kala Parishad. All basic facilities like drinking water and pay toilets can be found inside the locality of the park. There are four main gates in the park and an interesting point to note is that in front of each gate, there is ample space to park around 25 cars at a time. The security arrangements are foolproof and there are plans in the pipeline to introduce more parking spaces at nominal parking charges so that the arrangements resemble those of big malls.


Millennium Indraprastha Park contains lots of dense and green spaces and lush lawns. This is the reason why lots of tourists visit this park in huge numbers every day. These offer lots of shade from the scorching heat of Delhi. DDA recently took part in an initiative to plant around 2000 different varieties of trees and plants in the park so that the lawns of the park resemble a green carpet. DDA is also involved in a mammoth effort to plant around 8000 different species of plants and trees along the walkways of the park, however the huge methane content in the soil poses to be a huge challenge for planting a huge variety of trees. DDA is also careful not to pose danger to the area around Humayun’s Tomb nearby because it is an area preserved by the UNESCO.

Attractions Nearby

Akshardham Temple

This is a must visit temple for people who come to Millennium Indraprastha Park. This temple is a perfect example that reflects the rich culture of India for the past 10,000 years. The temple is set up on a sprawling area and has brilliant architecture. This is an epitome of grandeur and style. The Swami Narayan temple at Akshardham doesn’t fail to take India through the rich cultural and historic journey of India.

Purana Quila

Indraprastha has the distinction of being the ancient most cities of Delhi. Purana Quila or the Old Fort stands tall amidst immense greenery. This fort is in close proximity to Millennium Indraprastha Park. The shape of the fort is in the shape of a rectangle and runs to over two kilometers.

There are three huge gates at Purana Quila and there are bastions on all sides of these gates. An ancient moat connects the eastern part of the Fort to Yamuna River. The gate at the Northern side is also known as Forbidden Gateway and it is a perfect blend of the Islamic and Hindu cultures. In the olden days, this gateway was known as the Talaqui Darwaza. The gateway at the Southern direction is also known as Humayun Darwaza.

The strong walls made of stone and the historic gateways were constructed by the great Mughal Emperor, Humayun. During those days, Dinpanah was the capital of the state.  Once Humayun’s rule came to an end, the work of Purana Quila was taken by Sher Shah Suri. Every year, this place is the chosen venue for spectacular laser light and sound shows.

National Zoological Park

The National Zoological Park is set up on a sprawling space of 176 acres. It is situated in close proximity to Purana Quila. There are around 1350 different species of animals in the park. Out of these, around 130 species of birds and animals are from different parts of the world. There are mobile vans inside the zoo that tourists can make use of for enjoying the rich wildlife inside. Some tourists also walk by inside the zoo. Tourists can carry drinking water with them, but are prohibited from carrying food items inside as there is a canteen facility inside the zoo.

Timing and Entry Fees

The Indraprastha Millennium Zoo is open on all days. The zoo is open from early morning to around 8.30 in the night. There is no entrance fee for the visitors.

How to Reach

There are lots of buses that operate from Interstate Bus terminus near the Sarai Kale Khan and Nizammudin Railway stations. The park can also be reached through East Delhi and the park is situated in close vicinity to National Highway 24 just outside the Ring Road. Tourists need to cross the Nizammudin Bridge to get to the park.


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