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Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

Andhra Pradesh tourism is promoted by APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation).

The historically rich and natural beauty of this state is well represented by APTDC through various tour packages like rural, health, adventure, nature and heritage. The trip covers eight Andhra Pradesh centers. APTDC runs beautiful resorts at many of their significant destinations like Srisailam, Hyderabad, Vizag, Araku Valley, Horseley hills and Tirupati. They also make use of broad category of vehicles to commute tourists which includes 10 Qualis, one vintage coach, eleven mini vehicles, four semi-slippers, eight hi-tech AC coaches, 29 Volvo coaches and 63 ultra modern coaches.

The department has traced out various powerful and outstanding tourism developments. During 2006, APTDC inaugurated official centre to operate Tamil Nadu market.

Regional Tourism Offices in Delhi

Andhra Pradesh Tourist Information Centre

Assistant Director
AP Bhawan, Ashoka road,
New Delhi - 110 001
Phone: 011-23381293    

Andhra Pradesh Tourist information Counter

210 Kanishka Shopping Plaza
19 Ashoka Road
New Delhi - 110 001
Phone: 011-23366328



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