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National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi

The National Gandhi Museum is one of the most popular museums of India. This museum is also known as Gandhi Memorial Museum and is situated at Raj Ghat in New Delhi, India. The museum is dedicated in showcasing the life as well as values and principles of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. This museum was first opened in 1948 shortly after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. This museum, afterwards, relocated a number of times before finally moving to New Delhi’s Raj Ghat in 1961 where it has been permanently located now.

On 30th January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi got assassinated and shortly after his death, the scholars and collectors started searching for anything and everything of importance that belonged to Mahatma Gandhi in India. Originally Mahatma Gandhi’s personal items along with his books and newspapers were taken to Mumbai but in 1951 these items were moved to New Delhi to the buildings which were close to Kota House. In 1957, the museum was again moved to a mansion. In 1959, the museum was again moved but for the last time to Raj Ghat in New Delhi quite next to the Mahatma Gandhi’s Samadhi. The museum then officially was opened two years later in 1961 which marked the 13th anniversary of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The inauguration was done by the President of India at that time, Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Attractions Inside Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum

The National Gandhi Museum consists of a variety of attractions for the visitors. Some of the major ones are -


The Gallery of National Gandhi Museum has plenty of paintings along with some personal items belonging to Mahatma Gandhi. The most noteworthy ones in this unique collection includes one of Gandhi's walking sticks, Willemia Muller Ogterop’s Satyagraha woodcut, the shawl along with dhoti that was worn by Gandhi at the time he got assassinated. This collection also has one of the bullets which were used to kill Gandhi. In display are some of teeth of Gandhi along with his ivory toothpick.


This library incorporates a collection of both general study books along with some books of Gandhi’s work. There are at present more than 35,000 books and documents in the library of museum. There are almost 2000 periodicals also both in Hindi and English chronicling the values and life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Special Exhibitions

Besides Gandhi based collection at the museum, the National Gandhi Museum also showcases some other exhibits chiefly dealing with the subject of Indian history. The majority of these exhibits showcase Indian peace movements, political leaders of India along with some of the key world events.

How to Reach

To reach National Gandhi Museum, one needs to reach Raj Ghat first in New Delhi.

By Air

The Museum is situated at the infamous Raj Ghat in New Delhi, almost thirty to thirty five minutes drive from IGI airport (Delhi) which is well connected to all major cities in India and world by Air.

By Rail/Road

Twelve to thirteen minutes' drive by Taxi/Auto from New Delhi railway Station or Inter State Bus Terminus which are connected to all of the major cities in India.


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