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National Rail Museum, New Delhi

The National Rail Museum is located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. It was founded on 1st February 1977 and acquires an area of 10 acres. The land holds the most exotic and interesting exhibits that race your mind back to 18th and 19th century. The museum projected at indoor/outdoor with a wide variety of ancient locomotives in both static and dynamic state. It provides you an opportunity to have a close glance over the belongings of Mughals and colonists. It ignites in you a thrilling sense when examining the junior version of rails that led to modern rails we see today and then educates the journey towards advancement in railways. The museum reflects a tribute towards Indian Railway legacy.

Attractions Inside National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum has showcased range of monuments that are attracted to visitors. Notable variety includes:

  • Fairy Queen: Fairy queen was built in 1855 and is honored as the world’s oldest existing yet functional rail. It is based on steam engine and runs as a special tourists’ rail cruiser.
  • Patiala State Monorail: Patiala state monorail was constructed in 1907 with unique features. The model was proposed by Col. Bowles and built by Orenstein & Koppel. It is featured on “Ewing System”. It runs on a single track and balances with one big wheel planted on the other side. Monorail was used to carry loads. It is still in an operational state.
  • Fire Engine: The Fire Engine was built in 1914 by John Morris. It has set of tyres made up of firm rubber and is also an only existing entity in original shape.
  • Saloons: Impressive saloons that were invented in admiration of empowering personalities of that time are also preserved in the museum. Saloon of Prince Wales (King Edward VII), a beautiful milky white body topped with a red roof is an enchanting scrap that attracts visitors. It was built in 1875 in an honor of Prince Wales when he visited India. Saloon of Maharaja of Mysore was built in 1899. Precious elements like gold and ivory are used in its décor. Apart from the mentioned, other saloons like Saloon of Maharaja Indore, Saloon of Maharaja Baroda are also displayed.

There are number of other locomotives each one distinguishes another in terms of sole features and significance.


Another interesting bit of museum is its unavoidable gallery. It resides cluster of pictures, models, informative notes and incredible facts about history of Indian railway.

A fun activity in the form of a trinket train is also running all around the museum for the amusement of visitors. Also, there is a souvenir shop where you can purchase the models and other related stuffs.

How to Reach

By Air

The Museum is situated at Chanakyapuri in New Delhi, almost twenty minutes drive from IGI airport (Delhi) which is well connected to all major cities in India and world by Air.

By Rail/Road

From New Delhi railway Station, it is at a distance of twenty one to twenty two minutes' drive by Taxi/Auto. Inter State Bus Terminus are connected to all of the major cities in India and within Delhi also.


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