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National Science Centre, Delhi

The National Science Centre is a widely accredited science museum in New Delhi, India. This science museum was started in 1992. This museum is a part of the infamous NCSM (National Council of Science Museums) which is an autonomous body under the Ministry of culture in India. The museum stands near to Pragati Maidan Gate No.1, quite close to Purana Qila.

This museum has got a variety of sections and has something for every age group of people including Heritage & Dinosaur gallery, Fun Science Library, Human Biology gallery etc. Furthermore, there are several hands-on commendable displays that explain simply yet effectively the laws of physics. At least, a full day is required to enjoy this living paradise for kids.

The National Science Centre is a result of vision of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the honorable 1st Chief Minister of West Bengal. This vision was further encouraged by India’s 1st Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Attractions inside National Science Centre

The National Science Centre consists of a variety of attractions for the visitors. The entrance court to the National Science Centre welcomes the visitors through a gigantic exhibit that almost spans down 4 floors which also make it one of the biggest exhibits around the world. The infamous “the Energy balls” have nylon balls which are 6 inches in diameter and are precisely lifted to an elevation of 50 feet. This way they are able to grow potential energy and when dropped this potential energy changes to other forms of energy.

In addition, there are petite yet attention grasping noticeable exhibits as well including the magic tap that apparently spurts forth water which is suspended in free space but devoid of any sort of inlet along with a harp that creates music by merely moving a person’s hands. There is also a suitcase that strangely resists getting twisted about the handle. There are many more attractions here like the gallery which is focused on Human Biology and the gallery of Fun Science. This gallery is totally depending on the fundaments and basis of science. There is also a gallery dedicated to the march of IT revolution in our world, starting from cave paintings to the existence of Internet in the world.

Recently, a new gallery has been added to the National Science Centre with the name ‘Water – The Elixir of Life’ which was inaugurated by none other than Smt. Sheila Dikshit, the honorable Chief Minister of Delhi. It was launched in 2010 on 14th December. Admission to this exhibition is via a virtual millpond of water which creates exquisite ripples as a person steps on it which is truly an excitement for the visitor.

How to Reach

By Air

National Science Centre is located at Bhairon Marg, close to Pragati Maidan Gate No. 1, in New Delhi, almost half an hour drive from IGI airport (Delhi) which is well connected to all major cities in India and world by Air.

By Rail/Road

Fifteen to twenty minutes' drive by Taxi/Auto from New Delhi railway Station or Inter State Bus Terminus which are connected to all of the major cities in India.


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