Central Cottage Industries Emporium

The renowned Central Cottage Industries Emporium is India’s outlet to the whole world for about sixty years for traditional handicraft and handloom products. Following colonialism, after viewing the drastic industrialization and its effect on Indian social and economic status, there was a necessity to recognize Indian arts and crafts and also to boasts the innovative ideas of millions of craftsmen all over the country and also to help them towards decent lifestyle. In 1952, Cottage was developed by a group of dedicated and sincere art lovers by their constant endeavor towards Indian handicrafts and handlooms which in turn restored the pride of craftsmen in their art, rewarded their performance and also offered honored and viable future.

Handloom and handicraft was developed by this emporium on multiple front, development of design, handpicked selection, unmatched quality, outstanding market research, wide variety, defined prices, innovative promotions together with a collection of personalized services like interior designing, personalized corporate gifting, shipping and packing facilities, personalized gift wrapping, foreign exchange counters and ATM facilities etc.

This Central Cottage Industries Emporium is highly preferred place by customers from all parts on India and abroad because of their huge collection of exclusive creations of Indian craftsperson, folk artists and weavers. This place is carefully designed to deliver the original feel of Indian products through its decorations, exhibitions and many things that coincide with this.


This Central Cottage Industries Emporium, commonly referred as ‘Cottage Emporium’, ‘CCIE’, ‘CCIC’ or ‘Cottage’ is an outlet for Indian handlooms and handicrafts for more than fifty years. This centre preserves and nourishes the rich Indian cultural heritage which dates back to more than 5000 years by delivering the outstanding masterpieces of skilled Indian artisans.

The Cottage center was developed in 1952 in order to protect and share conventional craftsmanship at international level. It pictures outstanding collection of handlooms and handicrafts made by national and international famous Indian artists from all parts of India.

In the past sixty years, many famous personalities have visited this Emporium including England Queen Elizabeth II, Iran Queen Farah, Jacqueline Kennedy and many dignitaries from all over world.


Cottage Emporium carries a huge collection of Indian handicrafts designed by professional Indian artists and craft masters. It includes jewelry and accessories, furnishings, hand-made handicrafts, accents and objects to be used at office or home.


Cottage offers various services to make the shopping a memorable experience:

  • Export Packing and shipping services for customers for sending merchandise to any part of the world by air and sea modes.
  • Exclusive Gift Wrapping
  • Foreign Exchange Bureau
  • Custom Tailoring for men and women
  • Specialised curtain and upholstery service
  • Framing of Paintings
  • ATM
  • Cottage Cafe
  • Henna application on festivals
  • Bangles, Bindis, Tattoos
  • Books and CD
  • Precious Stones and Jewellery
  • Gold Ornaments


Jawahar Vyapar Bhavan,
Janpath, New Delhi- 110 001


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