Taxi Rickshaws

These three-wheeled scooters or auto rickshaws are highly comfortable for short journeys. This auto is always visible in a yellow and green livery with partially closed contraptions (absence of doors). They make use of CNG and can carry 3 people on its back. Basically, they can be hired anywhere on the road and it’s comparatively cheaper. According to law, auto rickshaw drivers are suppose to collect fares as par their metre (first 2 km will be charged 20 Rs and thereafter 6.50 Rs each km). This fare is reasonably low and their show all their talent to grab maximum amount from the commuters. It is an unwritten rule that they will collect minimum fare of 30 Rs but the fare should not exceed more than 150 Rs for any destination inside the city.

If a person feels that he is going to be hugely charged, then they can definitely move away from that taxi as it is quite easy to find an alternate very soon with a driver who will not get rid of them.

In case of any troublesome situation, one can approach any of the nearby police stations within the city and can launch a complaint against the driver which may result in fine of about 500 Rs on them. All taxis carry driver’s phone number which can be used during difficult situations.

Police department also maintains several ‘PRE-PAID’ auto rickshaw stands to serve common man. One can define their destination and pay the charge before the beginning of journey. This facility can be availed by paying 5 Rs extra. Any person can avail this facility and collect the coupon provided by the service counter. A policeman will guide them towards the available auto. Once the journey gets over, the coupon should be handed over to auto driver. Nothing extra should be paid to the drivers (irrespective of drivers demand).

Fare Chart of Autos in Delhi

Cycle Rickshaws in Delhi

Cycle rickshaws are pedaling three wheeler vehicles with back seat for passengers and front seat for riders. They are perfect for distances that are too short where going by an auto rickshaw/taxi/bus is wasteful. They don’t carry meters, so it is better to fix the fare before journey. For a distance of one or two km, Rs 20 is a reasonable fare. This is the best vehicle to travel inside old city through congested streets and also to experience the sounds and peculiar smells of Delhi. It will be unnecessary to fight for one or two rupee with them, as even a small penny means a lot to them.

Taxis in Delhi

If one needs a taxicab, they can simply wait on street or approach the nearby taxi stands. These taxicabs are generally referred as taxis as cab word is not generally used. The drivers basically will never follow the meter law. They may also demand the amount that is ten times more than the fare quoted by meter. There is traffic Helpline Number to solve any issue with taxi (42400400). One can make use of this number in case if they need any help or they feel that they are getting cheated.

Taxi Fare Chart


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