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Tourism Department Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a city of rich cultural heritage. The department guiding over tourism in this place is immensely concerned with its tourists comfort and ease of the journey. The department has taken many initiatives to develop and build the infrastructure of tourism at different locations of Arunachal Pradesh. The place has got vast scope for the improvement of tourism activities like Adventurous tourism, wild life tourism, cultural tourism, eco tourism, Nature tourism and historical tourism since it has got numerous tourist attractions.

Even with many beautiful and enchanting places throughout Arunachal Pradesh, it is still at the state of development because of absence of railway links and air links, lack of proper road facilities and small roads, absence of infrastructural development and enforcement of the Protected Area permit, Inner line Permit and Restricted Area Permit system. By considering the tourism potential of the state, the department has under taken many programmes to improve tourism in the state.

The following are the programmes conducted by the department of tourism in the couple of years – Construction of Lodges, coffee shops, Guest houses, Hawa Garh, View points and Coffee houses in many places across the state. Also, the department has completed the process of Electrification at Ganga Lake and development of the surroundings of Malinithan. There are other few projects on which the department is working on like- Construction of cafeteria, roads, souvenir shops and few basic amenities at the various tourist centers across the state.

In every tourist centers, there are neatly maintained government bungalows, Guest houses, rooms with a specific number of seats where in tourists has to book their rooms well in advance. Along with government provisions, there are few private hotels as well to accommodate the huge number of tourists. Coming to the transportation, many buses are available from the capital city Itanagar to many district head quarters and tourist locations. Taxies that travel on a daily basis are also made available for passengers. There are also many travel circuits to the tourist spots.

The Tourist has got many options to go with when it is all about Arunachal Pradesh. It has got many temples, Pilgrim centers, Wild life sanctuaries, Hill stations, Lakes and many more tourist attractions. With a rich historical background and glorious heritage Arunachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful places one can ever visit and the well established department of tourism plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of tourist destinations.


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