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Directorate Of Information Publicity And Tourism Andaman And Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Islands feature a group of more than 572 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. It is the Union Territory of India. This place is unique. The islands are mystical and smeared in beauty. They sparkle like emeralds in the Bay waters, presenting nature in its pristine form.

Although for Indians, this place might be a gory reminder of the barbarism by the British on Indian freedom fighters, Indian tourists visit the islands in huge numbers. Some do it to get the feel of the famous “kalapani” jail while others come here to soak in the richness of nature.

The Department of Tourism of Andaman and Nicobar renders information on beaches of this place, scuba diving sites, and more. Famous sites near South Andaman Island include Corruption Rock, Rutland Island, Cinque Island and more. Havelock Island, Bala Reef and Fish Rock are also popular diving spots here.

Tourists can also get information on ship services, fares and aerial form of transport. Inter-island transport is also available.

Facts about Andaman and Nicobar

According to archeological evidences, the first settlement here dates back to the mid Paleolithic age. The first inhabitants were the Andamanese who till 1850 resided here completely isolated from the world. Nicobarese inhabited the Nicobar Islands.

The chief islands of Andaman are south Andaman, Little Andaman, Land Fall Island, and Port Blair. Nicobar consists of Great Nicobar, Car Nicobar, Little Nicobar, Chowra, Nancowrie, Teresa and Katchal.

Andaman and Nicobar are separated by a 10 degree deep channel. About 12 islands, especially Car Nicobar are inhabited. Great Nicobar, which is the biggest island, is almost uninhabited. Port Blair, situated on Andaman Islands, is the capital of this Union Territory.

Do you know that Andaman and Nicobar Islands are two of the world’s 218 endemic bird areas! About 270 species and sub-species of birds exist here, according to reports. The Andaman Wood Pigeon is the State Bird.

Andaman Padauk is the State Tree and Dugong is the State Animal. The islands boast of around 96 Wildlife Sanctuaries, a Biosphere Reserve, and 9 National Parks. The famous sanctuary here is the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Port Blair

Port Blair, the biggest city here, offers a series of interesting places to see for tourists. The Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism helps tourists get useful details on the place to make their trip easier and comfortable. Guides, maps and excellent accommodations make the trip to these islands a thing to remember for life.

The Cellular Jail which is the National Memorial is a place to visit. It reminds visitors, especially Indians, about the barbaric atrocities meted out by the British on Indian freedom fighters who were imprisoned in the jail.

The jail got its name due to its cellular structure. Each prisoner was confined to a cell. This place attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a representation of the freedom movement in India.

For those who wish to dig deeper into the story there is the Son-et-lumiere, the Sound and Light Show, in the jail. It depicts the tale of the freedom struggle, which comes to life by the amazing sound and light effect. The show is a crowd puller.

Other places of historical significance are Viper Island, Ross Island, Mount Harriet, and Hopetown.

Interesting Events

The tourism Department leaves no stone unturned to attract tourists by the numbers. Throughout the year, people visiting these islands can find something interesting to double their joy of vacationing here.

Events like Island Tourism Festival, Food Festival, Film Festival, Beach Festival, Music Festival or Monsoon Festival, and World Tourism Day celebrations entertain tourists from around the world.

One of the unmatched attractions of this Island group is its exotic collection of flora and fauna. Of course, the lush green, dense forests and the sparkling beaches take your breath away.


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