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Best Time To Visit Delhi

Delhi is one of the most visited cities of India either for business purposes or to spend time with family. Not only the local tourists of India but the foreign visitors are highly fond of this destination thus making it a popular place for the travelers. Also, Delhi is a destination to head towards other places of India.

As Delhi is located on the Northern parts of India, it therefore experiences different kinds of climatic conditions all through the year. Though the local visitors are very well familiar with the weather conditions but people who come from other states and countries might not have enough knowledge. So before travelling, it is important to have some information about the weather or the best time when you can plan your trip to Delhi. If these questions are hovering in your mind, this article will provide full details of weather in Delhi and when you can travel.

Delhi is located on the plains, hence the climate is quite different and it changes all round the year. If you stay here for a long time, you will be able to enjoy all types of weather conditions in Delhi. The weather starts with summer season which begins from April and continues till June. During this time the summers are at its peak with the temperature going up to 45 C or even more than that. The lowest temperatures during the summer season ranges from 25 to 30° C on an average. The summers are very dry because of the strong heat waves which travel all through the Rajasthan and reach Delhi. Adjusting with summers is quite difficult therefore it is necessary that the tourists take proper measures if they come during summers. Drink lots of water and stay away from heat which is usually high during the afternoons.

As soon as the summer season ends, it’s time to enjoy the showers of rain. The rainy season starts from July and continues till September. After being tired of the humidity, the monsoon brings a lot of relief and the temperature drops down thus making the weather pleasant. The months of October experience a change in climate with the winters approaching fast. As compared to all the climates, the winters are the best. This season begins from November and end around February. If you are planning to visit Delhi, then winter season is the ideal time as you can enjoy and experience the fog too. The temperature during the winters may range from 2 to 10 C with days being full of sun shine and night being chilly. During the mornings, you can also see a lot of fog which makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Heavy fog tends to create problems in transportation, therefore ensure that there are enough time gaps between two flights or you can miss it. So plan your trip accordingly in the winters as transportation is greatly affected.

Apart from exploring problems in transportation, the weather in Delhi is very nice in the winters. You will come across greenery all around with lots of flowers blooming everywhere. The entire city is loaded with flowers and beauty thus seeking the attention of the people. So, winters are the ideal time to visit Delhi and enjoy the trip.


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