The Odyssey

The Odyssey Bar is a famous bar in Gurgaon (near Delhi). The bar is located at 3rd floor of the infamous Sahara Mall of Gurgaon, the industrial hub of India. The bar is structured artistically like a beautiful luxury cruise liner which is surely the core attraction for visitors. The interiors have been explicitly done in wood along with water screens while some little water channels have been done with small cute shells and these things add up excellently to make the ambience of this bar very exciting and thrilling. The plus factor is continuous music that makes over all bar’s ambience more awe-inspiring.

The Odyssey Bar is well known for serving high class beer, wine and scotch and the champagne here is extremely good. The bar serves Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. The snacks too are mouth watering and delicious with high points like Kesar Kali Mirch Murgh Tikka, Cello Kebab, Salt and Pepper Corn Kernels, along with highly popular Crispy Chicken Honey Chilly which are served well with Touch Down, Love Junk and Rock You Baby.

The Odyssey Bar offers a seating arrangement for almost 102 people. The seating arrangements are for indoor as well as outdoor seating. The entry here is only for couples and no singles are allowed in the bar.


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