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Delhi Ki Sardi

Delhi experience winters during late November or at times, early December. During this season, the days remain pleasant whereas night temperature gradually decreases to single digits. Initially, the season may be bearable, but the temperature suddenly dip during the last weeks of December as north-western chilly winds originating from Himalayas sweep the entire Northern Plains. At the time of New Year, winter season reaches its peak in Delhi, where the minimum temperature digs to 0 degree C, at times even in negative digits. Even maximum temperatures may dip to single digit but always remain less than 20 degree C. Delhi comes under frost situation when minimum temperature drops close to 0 degree C. There is no possibility of snow in Delhi along with other Northern Plains as it carries very dry form of winter that occurs due to Siberian Anticyclone.

The main characteristic feature of Delhi winter is the dense fog that drastically decreases the visibility resulting in colder days without sunlight. Geographically, the extremely cold north-western winds from upper regions of the Himalayas blow all over Delhi, making colder days even in the presence of sunlight along with nail-biting chilly night. During later half of January, the average temperature starts to rise gradually controlled by cold north-western winds that result from extremely heavy snowfall occurring in Himalayan region at that time. There is a chance for rain at the end of January and precipitation happens with hailstorms. This results in minimal increase of minimum temperatures because of cloud cover. The maximum temperature gradually rises above 20 degree C and days turn to be pleasant. By the mid of February, the minimum temperature may raise above 10 degree C and the days gradually gets warmer, noting the end of the extremely cold winter season.

At times, Delhi may face prolonged climate of chillness may be up to March. The situation happened during 2012, where the chillness prevailed till March and conditions similar to Spring survived during the summer season of April.


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