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Punjab Tourism Development Corporation

Located in north western part of India, the state of Punjab has been culturally rich and is a well known state of the country. Even though small in size, prosperity of the Punjabis is more than other states. Dependent on agriculture since ages, people in Punjab are hardworking and proud of their rich heritage. They are primarily Sikhs, who have faith in their Gurus. Sikh Gurus have influenced the lifestyle of the people in the state and much of the heritage of the state revolves about these gurus with Golden Temple in Amritsar being the beacon of their religious faith. Even though, post independence, Punjab was divided into the countries of Pakistan and India, the legacy is still spoken of. After the partition period in India’s ongoing independence struggle, the existing Punjab of India is only a fourth of the past geographical boundary. But the legacy of Punjab is laced with rich history and tourists have plenty to see in the state.

Gurudwaras are the sacred worship places of the Sikhs of Punjab and these structures can be found all over the state. Plenty of historical monuments are found in this state, but the remarkable feature about it is the breathtaking greenery found all around. Travellers will find the landscape vibrant, further enriched by the celebratory spirits of the Punjabis. Hospitality in Punjab is unmatched as one can find brotherhood and compassion among people in sufficient amounts. A visit to the state of Punjab takes tourists through a series of palaces, monuments, forts, museums and many heritage sites. Some of the palaces have been converted into museums in the present days, which store glorious artefacts and manuscripts from the past. These museums are the Ram Bagh Palace, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Palace Museum, Qila Mubarak Museum and few others. Monuments of importance in Punjab are related with the Sikh maharajas who had huge influence and tales of bravery and chivalry around them. Some of these monuments are also related to the great Mughal rulers who had their kingdom spread into the state of Punjab. Forts and palaces are reminiscent of the splendour of the Punjab kings, such as Gobindgarh Fort, Qila Mubarak, Bahadurgarh Fort, Moti Bagh Palace, Phillaur Fort and some others. Apart from the manmade monuments, Punjab is also known for the natural sightseeing places like wildlife sanctuaries and zoos. Punjab Tourism Development Corporation along with the wildlife preservation wing also promotes tourism to these places such as the Ropar Wetlands, Chhatbir Zoo, Abohar Wild Life Sanctuary and a total of 12 recognised wildlife sanctuaries.

In the state of Punjab, there are plenty of sightseeing places, related to history, kings and maharajas, wildlife, archaeological sites and heritage of the state. To promote their knowledge among the tourists, Punjab Tourism Development Corporation was established in 1979, as a public sector undertaking. It works under the Ministry of Tourism of Punjab state government. The PTDC is headed by Chairperson of IAS cadre.

Aims and Objectives of PTDC

Objectives of the PTDC are to promote tourism in the state and manage the activities which would be directed towards such an aim. For this purpose, the official site of Punjab Tourism Development Corporation has been launched, where various sites are detailed. Tourists can navigate through the site to know about the places to visit, various fairs and festivals, important destinations, heritage walks, natural sites, archaeological sites and pilgrimage sites. Punjab Tourism Development Corporation also owns a number of hotels and accommodation places for the tourists. Currently, there are about 14 tourist complexes and 4 holiday homes under its management. These places are distributed across various cities in the state and offer typical Punjabi cuisine to the guests. Further improvement in the tourism infrastructure is being done by the help of the state finances and also with public private partnership. Tourists can easily book these places and also move around according to the tour itineraries planned in the state. Certain travel and tour providers are also listed in the sites, for the convenience of the tourists. There are various other services such as cab services, guides, tour itineraries, and farm tourism, to facilitate the tourists, who are seeking guidance about their trips to Punjab.


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