There are many remarkable temples in Delhi. These temples are not only representations of the rich culture and history of the place but are also architectural marvels. When you visit Delhi, you must never go back without visiting the reputed Kalkaji temple.

This temple is situated in the busy area of Nehru Palace and is over 3000 years old. This temple was constructed during 1764AD and is perfect representation of the folk culture of Delhi. This was also the origin for the many of the mythological stories that we know today. The main Goddess of this temple is Kali. During Kali Puja, this ancient temple is thronged by millions of devotees from within and outside India.

The other famous temple that is kept in high regard by Hindus in Delhi is the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. This temple is brilliant in terms of architecture and was constructed during 1938 by the well-known Birla family. This temple is located in the busy area of Connaught Place. Inside this temple, one can find the shrines of Lord Vishnu and His Consort, Goddess Lakshmi. This temple is believed to bless its devotees with lots of wealth and prosperity. The walls of the temple are nicely encrypted with some of the famous sayings from Hindu scriptures.

Delhi is a perfect mix of an ultra-modern value systems of traditional places for worship to cater to the needs of different religions followed in the city. The Bahai Temple, commonly known as Lotus Temple is one of the hot tourist sports in Delhi. This temple is in the shape of 27 lotus petals that is scattered over a lush green landscape. This architecture takes the tourists’ breath away instantly. This is a design that tourists cannot get to see in any other temple in any other state in country. This temple for followers of Bahai faith is located on the picturesque Baharpur Hills.

ISKCON temple in Delhi comes alive during Janmashthami, Holi and Rath Yatra. Dedicated to Lord Krishna this temple can be found towards the east of Kailash. The walls of this temple are beautifully decorated with paintings that describe the life and teachings of Lord Krishna.

The Jain Svetambara Temple and Digambar Jain Temple are two of the most famous temples for Jains in Delhi. In the latter, one can find exclusive medical care and health facilities for the animals and birds. These temples preach the principles of Jainism religion.

Gauri Shankar Temple in Delhi is one of the most ancient temples. The Shiv Linga that is found inside this temple is believed to be around 800 years old. Devotees come in large numbers to this temple and offer wood, apple, rice, cotton and marigolds to the Lord.


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