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Tourism Department Orissa

Orissa Tourism Development Corporation was established in 1979 for promoting tourism in the state as well as to operate and manage a few of the existing Tourist Bungalow and transportation force in the commercial sector. The Tourist Bungalows owned by the government is presently known as ‘Panthanivas’.

Orissa Tourism Development Corporation

The Tourism Department Orissa was introduced to promote tourism all across the state. This esteemed department manages and controls all activities that are vital to the success of the tourism sector. The agency plans tour packages, holds event calendar, runs and operates hotels as well as develop transportation means in order to provide Orissa tourism with extraordinary growth.

There are fully refurbished and upgraded restaurants and rooms at Panthanivas as well as Yatrinivas network of this state. All this is managed by OTDC in order to bring more tourists to Orissa every year. The department even takes pleasure in making suitable arrangements for road, rail and air ticketing. The government inherited all bungalows of Orissa, which are known as Panthanivas for a very nominal amount. This property was later transferred to OTDC as an asset for investment in shares of the Company. Besides such property, the department also holds 52 rooms accommodated in Bhubaneswar, 29 rooms in Puri, 20 rooms in Rourkela, and 20 rooms in Cuttack.

There is even a remarkable development made by the Tourism department in the commercial sector as well. At present, the corporation acquires 23 hotels, 1 exclusive restaurant and 2 transport entities under its control. The government performs all such activities to promote tourism in the State to as great extent as possible. It aims to bring more tourists to the State and to increase their stay time to the maximum possible level. There are also policies planned and regulated by the tourism department on a regular basis for evolution and formulation of new projects.

Plenty of tourist offices are managed and run by this agency. It even organizes entertainment facilities for tourists through varied cultural programmes, music concerts, dance events, film shows and more. As an innovative step towards promotion of tourism in Orissa, the department carries the production process of documentary films on Tourism sector. This is a well develop company that takes finance and assistance for tourism development from state government. There are even regulatory measures carry for development of tourism infrastructure in Orissa. Even in this regard, the department is carrying number of tailor-made projects.

The Tourism Department Orissa organizes various tour packages to meet the requirements of travelers. It makes sure to offer the finest facilities to travelers. With the main motive of enhancing tourism sector to large scale, the department carries revolutionary activities in different aspects of tourism. It is this department only that is responsible for out and out success of tourism in Orissa. The department makes sure to bring more and more tourist to the State in order to develop the sector to finer levels.


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