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India International Centre - Art Gallery

India International Centre was founded in 1958 and was inaugurated in 1962. The Centre has been likened to a Triveni because it provides three torrents of activities. The intellectual stream makes way for tutorials, meetings, symposia and deliberations along with documentation and journals. The educational stream includes enlightening actions such as harmony, dance and movies. Social stream is a part of the boarding house and catering conveniences where the public gathers and acts in a collective manner.

These events wrap a broad variety of things such as lectures, seminars, board deliberations, intercontinental and nationwide seminars to a range of artistic events related to music, cinema, theatre and illustrative arts in co-operation with traditional and folk art. Entry to these is not limited to members only. In fact, it is open to all as the programmes are unwrapped to the wider community of Delhi.

About India International Centre - Art Gallery

India International Centre is measured as one of the country’s leading cultural establishment. It is a non-government organization extensively looked upon as a place where statesmen, ambassadors, strategy makers, thinkers, scientists, writers, jurists, artists and associates of social civilization get together to begin the exchange of new thoughts and acquaintance in the strength of worldwide collaboration. The vision behind setting up this centre was also to present India as a place for potential exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of friendship and understanding. The three core departments of India International Centre make available appropriate platforms for its actions. They work in harmony with one another.

The Centre is uniformly well-known for its congenial generosity and its boarding house rooms are in demand as they make available relaxed and modified service with self-effacingly priced meals. It has good-looking gardens with shady plants and cascades, a tavern, a tea lounge and a number of refreshment areas which are popular among members to get together or to amuse visitors.

History of India International Centre - Art Gallery

The thought of India International Centre first came up in the month of October-November in 1958, when Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was the Vice President of India and Mr. John D. Rockefeller III talked about creating a place that would strengthen the grassroots of the nation. He recommended a worldwide abode much like Tokyo’s International Address of Japan in setting of which he had played a big role.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the Prime Minister of India at that time, was so inspired by the thought that he himself chose the good looking 4.76 acres site close to Lodi Gardens where IIC stands today. As activities of this Centre picked up, an annex was also added in December 1996. The scholars at that time came together at the time of setting up this group to list objectives of this centre. Dr. C. D. Deshmukh, who was at that time the Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), was recognized by Dr. Radhakrishnan as the individual who would be capable of setting up such an organization. This faith in Dr. Deshmukh was justified for by 24 December 1958, as on this date the Centre was set up. By 19 March 1959, it was recorded under the Societies Registration Act (XXI) of 1860.


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