Anant Art Gallery

Anant Art Gallery is the elegant art gallery located in the capital city of India that is New Delhi, which is also a city of rich antiquity. It is well known for its theme related exhibitions.

At Anant art gallery, one can have beautiful journey right from good old India to Modern India through artistic visualization. It has been the place of encouragement for the blooming artists. It has displayed a variety of visual arts through exhibitions and brought across diverse community and have gained words of appreciation every time.


Anant art gallery was started in the year 2005 at the center of the city of Kolkata. It’s been past three years Anant Art gallery working towards refinement of art and culture in New Delhi. It has gained popularity with its well organized and presented shows from past three years. Anant presented a show in the National museum in the year 2004 entitled “Middle Age Spread”. It also presented another beacon exhibition in the year 2005 organized by Prof. B.N.Goswamy titled “Ritu: Gathering of Seasons” which meant bringing together diverse art forms. In the same year, Roobina Karode presented another art work named “Negotiating matters” which emphasized on diversified media and the making art.

It has served as the most reliable platform for young minds over a few years to make their artistic aroma get recognized nationally as well as internationally. The gallery aims at the meaningful display of art and fresh artistic ideas so that to establish connection with huge diverse category of audience. With the group of enthusiastic representatives, Anant art gallery is devoted to work to maintain sanctified art forever.


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