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Tourism Department Haryana

The Tourism Department Haryana was established in 1966. The department came into existence when the State of Haryana was outlined separately from Punjab.

Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited

The tourism of Haryana offers travelers with thrilling and exciting tours to numerous places of interest. This place is a rich enjoyment hub and at the same time, a culturally bonded place that offers sights of interest to every individual. With countless spots in the collection, the tourism reflects the traditional glory and rich cultural nature. The state is able to serve tourists with great solutions, the credit for all of which lies on shoulders of the prestigious Tourism Department Haryana. The department was started long years ago and due to its extraordinary efforts it has able to provide Haryana tourism with exceedingly impressive position.

The Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited, also known as HTCL, is the leading government owned body that aims to promote tourism sector of the state to high celebrated levels. The head office of the Tourism Department Haryana is situated in sector 17 B, Chandigarh. Since its existence, the department is always finding innovative and feasible solutions that not only bring more gains to the tourism sector of the state but can provide entire region with unsurpassed reputation. It regularly outlines and carries a number of activities in order to bring elements that are more positive to the Haryana tourism.

The central function of the Department is to develop and promote tourism infrastructure in private as well as public sector. In order to carry development programme uninterruptedly in the public sector, the department receives regular monetary funds from the State Government in its five/annual year plans. Moreover, the tourism department also tries harder to get maximum possible advantage of Central Financial Assistance controlled by the Government of Indian for developing tourism infrastructure well. Once the task of developing and furnishing of complexes is completed, then they are passed on to the Haryana Tourism Corporation in order to meet their regular maintenance and operational requirements.

According to unplanned annual budget, the department of tourism Haryana is also offered with funds to bear the expenditure spent on the maintenance of horticulture and infrastructure of all tourist complexes. Similarly, there are sufficient funds also delivered to Tourism Department Haryana for advertising the tourism infrastructure of this prestigious state. Due to its long-run efforts, the Department has been successfully able to secure 44 tourist complexes that are spread throughout the state. These are very well maintained complexes, which provide fast food, lodging, and wonderful recreational activities. All these complexes are covered under public sector of Tourism Department.

Besides these, the Tourism Department also levies great focus on establishment of resorts and hotels by private entrepreneurs. It is always encouraging where private entities come forward and establish hotel projects or tourist spots in distinct parts of the state. For this, the department is even taking stringent steps at regular intervals in assisting the private entrepreneurs to secure clearance from the respective institutions of the State Government. This is done to make sure that there is maximum possible involvement of not only public but even private sector in tourism of the State. Concerning this, the Government has also announced an Industrial policy of 2005, according to which there are concessions offered to hotel or tourist projects that are outlined by the private sector.

The Tourism Department Haryana also holds great interest in the development of farm and adventure tourism of the State. There is a new concept introduced by the Department for promoting farm tourism of Haryana. Under this concept, some suitable farms are identified and offer with support, where tourists can enjoy and encouraged to see and visit the farms as well as rural lifestyle of villages. The farm owners act as guide and host to the tourist, thereby offering great support towards upliftment of the tourism sector of this state.

All major activities of the department are carried at the Head Quarter Position. The Director handles the entire department. The Director is the sole in charge of supervision and management activities carried in the tourism sector. In order to carry development functions more wisely and uninterruptedly, the Director is provided with full support from two Deputy Directors, two Joint Directors as well as support staff. It is due to the combined efforts of all these positions that the tourism of Haryana is able to secure excellent gains and hold excellent developmental means.


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