Purana Quila

Quick Facts

Location Near Delhi Zoo, Mathura Road
Nearest Metro Station Pragati Maidan
Open All days
Entry Fee Rs5 (Indians), Rs100 (foreigners)
Days Closed None
Photography Charges Free(still camera), Rs25 (video camera)

As its name suggests Purana Qila is the oldest of the Forts in Delhi. Its structure can also be mentioned as the oldest, which is located at the famous site Indraprastha. It is said to have been established by Pandavas of the epic Mahabharat on the banks of River Yamuna. Purana Qila has been constructed even before 5000 years, a period relating to earlier times to Mahabharata era. Research studies revealed that a village with the name Indraprastha existed within the fort premises until 1913 AD.


Purana Qila is a fort established by Pandavas some 5000 years ago, where during the later period, the Emperor Humayun had his capital Din Panah located and renovation work was done by the first Afghan emperor of India, Sher Shah Suri naming it Shergarh in the later period.

When the Hindu dynasty was established at Delhi at the time when King Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, often referred as Hemu, defeated Emperor Akbar at Agra and Delhi, Hemu had his coronation in this fort after the Battle was over at Delhi on 7th October 1556. Purana Qila was whispered to be unlucky for rulers who had their capital site there because the emperors Sher Shah Suri, Humayun and Hemu all had very brief tenures, Humayun having lost his kingdom on two occasions to Sher Shah stayed in the fort only for five years, also dying in a few months after recapturing it 15 years later.

What to See

The  massive walls of Purana Qila standing at 18 meters of height with a bash of magnificence, this Fort does not house many palaces which is the normal feature of other Mughal qilas, neither separate administrative nor entertainment venues, but approachable through three main gates namely Humayun darwaza, Talaqi darwaza and Bara darwaza, all of them quite huge. There is a mosque called Qila-i-Kuhna masjid located in this complex, which was built in 1541 AD by Emperor Sher Shah Suri.

The light and sound shows of Purana Qila is another feature tourists would love to watch, which is conducted every evening and is also rendered in two languages viz Hindi and English, while the boat ride in the adjoining lake is another wonderful feature that the tourists enjoy. Besides the shopping spree they can have in the nearby areas such as Sunder Nagar Market, Connaught Place, Palika Bazaar and Janpath, tourist can visit few other attractions of monumental nature.

Visitor’s Information

Address: Purana Quila Rd, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

How to Reach Purana Qila

Public transport facility is in abundance to reach Purana Qila from any of the Delhi locations, which include Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi Railway Station or the Delhi Bus terminals, besides the two metro stations: Connaught Place and Pragati Maidan being close by.


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