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Chandigarh Industrial And Tourism Development Corporation

Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO) came into being as a company in 1974 under the Companies Act 1956. The Corporation attained additional duties of promoting tourism and other associated activities in 1982.

CITCO is responsible for making Chandigarh an attractive spot for tourists from across the nation and the world.

A Nature Delight

The place, in itself, is bestowed by the beauty of nature. One such beauty is embedded in Asia’s biggest Rose Garden located here. It is sprawled in an area of 27 acres. It boasts of over 17,000 plants with about 1,600 rose varieties. The garden also has fountains.

For nature lovers, this is one of the best places to be in India. The city actually has a green side to it. Gardens like the Botanical Garden, Fitness Trails, Hibiscus Garden, Terraced Garden and Garden of Fragrance take your heart to bliss.

This is not all. Chandigarh is marked with brilliant landscaping and tree plantations, mostly of Eucalyptus and Banyan. The Children’s Traffic Park, Topiary Park, Smriti Upavan, Rajendra Park, Shanti Kunj and Bougainvillea Park are the eye candies of the city.

Do you know Chandigarh has 3245 hectares of area under forest. Most of the area is hilly. Tourists can find deers, barking deer, sambars, peacocks, woodpeckers, and parrots in the forest.

The outskirts of the city towards the hilly area harbour a reserve forest. Tourists can enjoy a walk here. You can feel nature breathing into you – the freshness and the tranquillity with only the sounds of nature that delight your senses and soothe your mind.

City‘s Spectacular Events and Shows

The city stays busy all round the year with several exhibitions, fairs, festivals, fashion shows and carnivals.

The Rose Festival is one of the biggest attractions. It is organized at Rose Garden in the end of February or the beginning of March.

The Teej Festival gives tourists cherished memories to take home. It is organized at Rock Garden which takes a festive look during this time. The giant swings here are occupied by damsels who sway to their heart’s content, while others take extreme joy in adorning their hands with “Mehendi.” The entire place is immersed in song and dance.

The Plaza Carnival organized in Sector 17 of Chandigarh on most Saturday evenings witnesses crowds gather at this place. This cultural show is filled with songs, plays, dance, and other attractions.

The Chrysanthemum Show, organized at the Terrace Garden, located in Sector 33, is an outstanding show to attend. It is held in December. It exhibits a large number of varieties of flowers. Gardening competitions are also held at this place.

The Sukhna Lake features toy train, boat rides, fishing spots, machine toys, and other events that make tourists flock to this place. People coming here are greeted by a variety of geese and ducks. Lots of migratory birds from Japan and Siberia visit the lake during winter. Last year’s winter saw snowfall at this place. There is also a golf course just adjacent to the lake.

Besides this, the city is almost always under the fever of Rock Shows, Fashion Shows, Concerts, and other exciting events. So, tourists can never miss the fun and the thrill of this city no matter in what month they visit the city.

Tourists who come with their families to Chandigarh hardly miss visiting the Chhatbir Zoo. This zoological park is open all days, except Mondays. The place is a haven for bird-watchers. The place offers an ideal spot for picnics and family get-togethers.

For adventurers, Chandigarh has lots of exciting activities. The Hidden Valley of Chandigarh, located at the Shivalik Foothills, is an Eco-tourism camping adventure site. Tourists can enjoy Horse Safari, Camel safari, Bird Watching, Mountain biking, Cart rides, Glance of village, Group games, and more. This is the best place to unwind yourselfand break free from routine life.

Interesting Facts about Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the first planned city of India post Independence. This northern city serves as the capital of two states: Haryana and Punjab.

The city is acclaimed globally for its urban design and architecture. Capitol Complex is one of the grand examples of modern architecture.

Do you know the name Chandigarh means “The Fort of Chandi”, Chandi is a Hindu Goddess. There is an ancient temple known as Chandi Mandir near the city and the name of this city comes from here.

Simply reading about Chandigarh is not enough. People who are truly interested in spending time with nature and uplifting their spiritual side must come to Chandigarh. A trip to this city is like a retreat.


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