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St Stephens Church New Delhi

Situated on the Church Mission Road in Delhi, this church was constructed in the year 1862 by DPW engineers and the Anglican missionaries by taking inspiration from the Italian Gothic Architecture. It is again a part of the North India Diocese like other churches in Delhi. The compound of this famous church has the most prestigious college named the St. Stephen’s College and a Hospital.


The society for the Propagation of the Gospel was responsible for organization of the building of St. Stephen’s Church and this organization later on became a part of the Cambridge Mission founded by tSt. Stephen’s College which is now a part of the prestigious Delhi University or DU. The colour of the church signifies the holy blood of St. Stephen who was the patron and the first Martyr of the city. He was blood related to those who were killed in 1857 in Delhi revolt and were the first Christian martyr’s in India.


It is made and constructed keeping in mind the gothic style architecture and has very deep significance of the Romanesque architecture. The stained glass rose windows, the ornate walls and the ceilings are very beautiful in its appearance. The decorative styled church has domed windows which allow light to come inside the church and lighten the atmosphere. Also, the beautiful carvings on the columns are another aspect of the architecture in the church.


Daily masses are held by the father where people come in to pray. Also, the festivals like Christmas and Easter are celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm

Nearby Attractions

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Hotels near St. Stephen’s Church

  • Hotel Hindustan International
  • Hotel Mohan International
  • The Oberoi

How to Reach

  • One can take a flight to Delhi those coming from different cities and flights from all over the country are well connected with the Indira Gandhi Airport.
  • Also the option of local buses and private transport is the best to reach the church.

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