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Shakti Sthal

Quick Facts

Address Raja Ram Marg, Near Veer Bhumi, New Delhi-01
Nearest Metro Station Pragati Maidan
Area of Delhi South Delhi
Distance from Airport 18 Kms
Opening Time Sunrise
Closing Time Sunset
Tag Good for Kids, Must Do For Tourists
Time Required 1-3 Hrs
Prices Free

About Shakti Sthal

The memorial has been built in remembrance of India’s first woman Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi who was assassinated on 31st October 1984. The last rituals of Indira Gandhi were carried out on 3rd November 1984. The funeral spot in the memorial has a gigantic grey and red coloured stone.

Shakti Sthal as the name suggests means a place rendered for its ‘Clout and Vigour’. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was not only the first woman Prime Minister of the country but also is the only lady who has been on this position in India till today. The memorial has been named as Shakti Sthal since it represents the tough grit and affirmative character she had to improvise to improve the conditions and develop the country. The Shakti Sthal is located towards the southern east direction of Red Fort and is located in middle of the banks of River Yamuna and Raj Ghat situated on the Ring Road or also known as Mahatma Gandhi Marg.

Indira Gandhi was born to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Kamala Kaul Nehru and she was the only child of the couple since their second child, a boy, died instantly after his birth. Mrs Indira Gandhi ruled the country as Prime Minister for three consecutive terms. During the period when Indira Gandhi was in power, the country’s development has been continuously growing both economically and infrastructure wise. She was a unique person who represented the country of India in the entire world.

After the Independence in 1947, the country was also partitioned in to India and Pakistan and during this time, the Sikhs and Hindus who belonged to the partitioned Pakistan migrated to newly formed India while the Muslims who used to live in India moved to Pakistan. These were the signs of cold war that initiated between India and Pakistan that is considered to be at some extent inflated by Political leaders and has led to differences between Hindus and Muslims who are part of India and Pakistan.

Due to many of the not very known reasons, the two countries have always been on the verge of war with each other. The riots that happened in June 1984, when Anti-Sikhs started the riot which killed almost 3000 soldiers and 4 officers while the count of the death of civilians remains uncountable after an open war got initiated by Indian army. This was named as Operation Blue Star after receiving the news that a Sikh group that worked under Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale took over the entire Golden Temple in Amritsar. People of the nation pointed at the government for not initiating any action to impede the brutalities that were happening all around. The reason of these exaggeration resulted in assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984, when she was shot dead by two of her Sikh bodyguard who gunned almost 31 bullets in her while she was strolling in evening. Indira Gandhi was assassinated during the third term of her rule. She lost the battle of her life while being taken to the Hospital.


The memorial is open for visit from early morning to late night and is considered to be a serene place for the visitors to spend some peaceful time. The memorial is visited majorly on her birth and death anniversaries that are November 19th and October 31st respectively.

Attractions near Shakti Sthal

Shakti Sthal  0 km
Rajghat  0.2 km
Shanti Van  0.3 km
Vir Bhumi  0.4 km
Vir Sewa Mandir  0.5 km
Kisan Ghat  0.8 km
Samta Sthal  0.8 km
Sangharsh Sthal  0.8 km
Gandhi National Museum  0.9 km
Golcha Cinema  0.9 km
Gandhi Darshan  0.9 km
Gandhi Smarak Nidhi  1 km
Asad Burj  1 km
Delhi Gate  1.1 km

Nearby Places to Eat

The most famous sweet shop of Ghantewala is located very near to this monument. There are also numerous small street food stalls near to Jama Masjid. The other most enjoyable place for food lovers is the Paranthewali Gali. The nearby places also have many kinds of street foods.

Nearby Shopping Venues

To shop for wedding clothes and accessories one should visit the famous Chandni Chowk market while for getting any kind of books Nai Sarak is most preferable place whereas electronics can be taken from the Chor Bazar. The famous Chatta Chowk is most favourable for getting the conventional and contemporary jewellery pieces.

How to Reach

There are various local buses that can be boarded to visit the monument. The monument is almost equally distance from Ole Delhi and New Delhi. The other modes for transportation like taxi, auto-rickshaw or metro can be taken to reach the monument.



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