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Tourism Department Jammu And Kashmir

The Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir was introduced in 1970 on 13th February. It is a fully owned company of the Government of State. Government levies focus on the encouragement of tourism in the state so that it is able to bring more economic reforms to it.

Tourism Department Jammu and Kashmir

Located in the northern region of India, Jammu and Kashmir is the soul of Indian culture, history and splendor. The state holds a long history of around 4,000 years and is inculcated with numerous prehistoric sites that come as major attractions to the tourists. The state was established as a part of India in 1948 and since then, tourism is a major source of economic development for it. The tourism sector has always been on the top priority list for the state as it is a vital mode of earning for local people. For such reasons, the governing body of the tourism sector is always taking vital initiatives to develop state tourism to as large extent as possible.

It is the Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir, which is utilizing all its strength to bring huge developmental reformations in the sector. Due to historic fights and riots that used to attack entire Jammu and Kashmir, the inauguration of the tourist department came late into existence. The central objective of the tourism department is to manage, run and administer all government restaurants and hotels well in order to cater the promotion of tourism to a large extent.

There is special interest posed by department on quality of food offered, cleanliness and other such means so to ensure that tourists are able to have good travelling time in the state. In addition to this, it also emphasizes towards development of transportation facilities for the tourists. For this purpose, plenty of public transports are run and operated by the department to cater the needs of tourists for 24x7.

The aim of Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir is to offer the best possible services or facilities to their esteemed guests. The tourist facilitations operated and controlled by the department comes in the category of vital tourist destinations of the state. Moreover, the department also offers well-planned accommodation capacity of 2200 beds on a daily basis. It even runs and manages 37 restaurants that are located in diverse places of the state. The fleet of high-class vehicles is also offered to tourist at nominal rates by the department. The department also organizes fairs, events and exhibitions to highlight state as most versatile tourist destinations all across globe. All these measures are carried in order to increase the total number of tourists every year who are travelling the place.

Jammu and Kashmir is an extremely beautiful place but due to ongoing riots herein, the tourism sector of the state is largely affected. Despite this fact, the tourism department carries diverse policies and measures in order to promote as well as develop tourism sector to best possible means. Some parts of funds are provided to the department by the government and the remaining depends on annual collection of the sector itself. The department has planned and is still planning more and more policies in order to bring great positive reformations in tourism sector of Jammu and Kashmir.


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