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Tourism Department Assam

Assam Tourism Corporation was established on 9th June 1988. It is registered under the Companies Act 1956 and was introduced with an aim to bring remarkable positive change in tourism sector of the State.

Assam Tourism Development Corporation

With a ‘rough shape like a bird’, Assam is a centrally located state of North East that shares its borders with regions like Arunachal Pradesh and Kingdom of Bhutan. This is an exotic and distinguished state, which is fueled with amazing range of landscapes and cultures. From wildlife, tea to oil, temples, monuments to Buddhism, every aspect of the region hold complete uniqueness and great sense of purity. The state enjoyed its unmatched reputation for tourism that is a result of strong efforts made by its tourism department. It is the Tourism Department of Assam, which makes it one of the most visited places in North East.

The major agenda of the corporation is to carry activities for development and promotion of State tourism to highly esteemed position. The Department works to manage its comparative benefit in tourism attractions and resources in an integrated and sustainable manner to make the State a central national as well as international tourism spot. It wants tourism to become a vital aspect of life and culture of the state people to cater towards their economic development.

In addition to this, the department carries activities to develop as well as manage the tourist hotels, lodges, restaurants, guest houses and entertainment hubs in order to promote the tourism sector to large scale. This unit also deals with acquire, purchase, development, construction, leasing and selling of various tourism complexes within the state and works in order to promote as well as an aid towards the growth of state tourism. With an aim to provide large-scale economic development to the state through its tourism, the corporation works on exceedingly stringent rules and regulations.

Assam Tourism Department makes sure that there is more number of tourists travelling this destination each year. For this, it takes certain exceedingly crucial actions such as operating, acquiring and maintaining of buses, cars, launches, coaches and ropeways as well as other means of transports for better communication with tourists. It even encourages public as well as private sectors to develop entertainment junctions for tourists in order to make their visit more productive and supportive towards state economic development. The department even organizes shows, fairs and exhibitions on a regular basis to keep attracting tourists from all parts of the world in large proportion.

Special arrangements are made by the institution towards the operation and management of various parks, lakes, beaches, avenues and spots that are of most interest to tourist. There is even special attention levied on promotion of recreational activities and spots exclusively by the department. The tourism department of Assam is ruled and governed by the State as well as the Central Government. It is due to the combined and complementing efforts of two agencies that the tourism sector is able to hold excellent growth over the past years and that too in very short time period.

Moreover, the tourism department outlines various minor, major and medium projects in order to aid infrastructural development of the sector. Development of Yatrinivas, Tourism Complexes, Tourist Reception Centers, Pilgrimage Centers, Water Sports and expansion of tourist facilities are some of the projects on which the department is working to bring great developmental means to entire infrastructure. Due to the extraordinary efforts of the corporation there has been significant progress met within the projects. In order to gain adequate financial investment needed for infrastructural development of tourism sector, the department relies not only on public but also on private sector avenues.

Some major projects accompanied by private sector towards betterment of tourism in Assam are ropeway project, luxury cruise vessel, and amusement part as well as luxury resorts. The government also works to promote the 20 golf courses as well as tea gardens of the region in order to bring more sustainable growth in the sector. Assam Tourism Department is an excellent working body that is able to deliver finest gains to the sector without even having adequate financial sources. With its well-maintained plan and focused working approach, the tourism department will surely bring wonderful sustainable growth in the tourism sector in very short time period.


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