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Laxminarayan Temple Birla Mandir New Delhi

As the name itself suggests, the Laxminarayan temple in New Delhi is dedicated to Laxmi and Narayan. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity whereas Narayan is a part of Trimurti and is the preserver of the Universe. There are other temples as well that are dedicated to Shiva, Krishna and Buddha. It is known as the Birla temple because it was built by B.D. Birla and Jugal Kishore Birla. It took 6 years to complete and in 1939, it was Mahatma Gandhi’s condition that all castes and sects would be allowed to enter and worship in the temple.

It is a symbolic of the secularism that India has always stood for. It is located to the west of Connaught place and is one of the major tourist attractions. Not just tourists but pilgrims from all parts of the world flock to this temple in great numbers, especially during Janmashtmi and Diwali.


The construction of Laxminarayan temple was initiated in 1933 and was started by Baldeo Das Birla and Jugal Kishore Birla of the Birla family. The foundation stone was laid by Pandit Udaybhanu Singh whereas the temple was constructed under the vigilance of Pandit Vishwanath Shastri. This temple took approximately hundred workers from Banaras who worked for months to come up with this magnificent work of stone. This temple was inaugurated by ‘father of the Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi in 1939.


The temple is constructed in the Nagara style of Hindu architecture. It is located on an elevated plinth and contains marvelous carvings that give a vivid description about Hindu mythology. It is also decorated with frescos that depict the life and times of Gods and Goddesses. Acharya Vishwanath Shastri headed a group of hundred artisans from Banaras who induced life into the walls of this temple by carving life-like scenes and descriptions. The main dome is around 160 feet high. There are artificial waterfalls and marvelous landscapes around the temple that add to the scenic beauty. This temple was started in 1933 and completed in 1939. The amount of work and dedication that has gone is quite exemplary and speaks about the unconditional devotion of the Hindus towards their Gods and Goddesses.


The Laxminarayan Temple in New Delhi is spread across 7.5 acres with 0.52 acres of built up area. The main dome is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Narayan. There are smaller domes as well dedicated to Lord Shiva, Gautam Buddha and Lord Krishna. There are separate shrines for Lord Ganesha, lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga. There is a Geeta Bhawan in the temple as well. The temple has a calm and serene atmosphere and people flock in large number for prayers and sincere devotion. The three storey temple is one of the most popular places of New Delhi situated in Gole Market of Mandir Marg near Connaught Place. The temple is open from 6 am to 10 pm and the sights during the morning and evening aarti are magnificent. People flock the temples mostly during the time of aarti in order to catch a glimpse of the elaborate way in which the Gods and Goddesses are worshipped.

The Laxminarayan temple is reminiscent of the rich Hindu tradition and culture and speaks magnificently of it. The three storied temple has sacred shrines dedicated to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. However, it is symbolic of the secularism in our country as people of any and every religion are welcome to offer their prayers in the temple. There is no discrimination between people regarding caste, creed, color, religion or social status. The Laxminarayan temple stands amidst the Mandir Marg in New Delhi as one of the most prominent structures in New Delhi and invites tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. The temple is decorated during Diwali and Janmashtmi when tourists flock in larger numbers.


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