Christianity is a religion that is followed by a minor section of the population of NCR (National Capital Territory of India). Hinduism is the most commonly followed religion in this place. One can find the diocese of CNI (Church of North India) in Delhi. This place is also home to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi and Central Baptist Church. The church called St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral Hauz Khas comes under the Indian Orthodox Church management.



Christianity crept in to Delhi right during the early days of the Mughal rule, precisely, during the rule of Emperor Akbar. Akbar had an open mind towards all religions and during 1579 he brought in a priest all the way from Goa to Delhi, to learn more about the history of Christianity. During 1723, the City Church was established by Father Desideri and was then dedicated to Virgin Mary. However, when Nadir Shah took siege of Delhi, he demolished this church and the Christian priests had to flee for their lives. The number of Christian population further decreased during the rule of the arrogant Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. According to Sir Thomas Roe, who was the ambassador of King James 1 to India during Jahangir’s rule, some English royal princes were asked to convert into Islam by Jahangir, however, they didn’t.


It was during the British rule that Christianity began to flourish in Delhi. Many churches were established for worshiping by the British and lots of missionaries were employed by the Church of England to spread awareness about religion. It was during this time that conversion to Christianity too was at its peak. During the Great Indian mutiny of 1857, sepoys killed the people who had converted to Christianity and who had caused shame to their motherlands by being loyal to the British rulers. Around this time, there was a steep decline in the number of Christian population Delhi.

Famous Churches in Delhi

Some of the famous and ancient churches of Delhi are St. James Church and Cathedral Church. These were built by the British rulers however after Independence these places were used for worship by many Indians who followed Christianity. Another old and reputed church is the Old Church, inside which one can spot the Cathedral of Sacred Heart. This place is where the teachings of Jesus are preached to the public all through the year to increase awareness about the Jesus’s sayings and to motivate people to follow the same.

List of Churches in Delhi

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral, New Delhi
  • Central Baptist Church (Delhi)
  • Cathedral Church of the Redemption
  • St. James' Church, Delhi
  • St. Stephen's Church, Delhi
  • The Pentecostal Mission

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