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Kalka Mandir Delhi

Get to know about the temple which has been dedicated to worship Hindu goddess Kali. The article will take an individual on the journey towards a Hindu temple and the story behind that faith.

The Kalka Mandir is located in the southern district of Delhi and is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kali. Kali is a Hindu goddess which is associated with the power of killing demons when they come up to kill or trouble innocent people.

It is believed that the statue of Kali in this temple is self-manifested one and dates back to Sat Yuga. At the time, Kali Ma emerged and killed a monstrous demon Raktabija along with his evil associates. It is one of the oldest temples in India. The blessings of Kali or Durga Ma are believed to fulfill all the desires of a person and bring immense gratification.

The legendary tales says a story about origin of this temple. The gods of neighborhood temple were being harassed by two demons. When they could not handle on their own, Gods went to Lord Brahma for seeking help.

Lord Brahma asked them to go to Goddess Parvati whose incarnation as Kaushki Devi slaughtered the two demons. However, the demons multiplied into millions once their blood fell on ground. Seeing this, Parvati’s another incarnation as Goddess Kali emerged from between her eyebrows and drank up all the blood of slaughtered demons before falling on ground.

This temple was the place where goddess rested her lower lip to drink up all the blood. She later on took the place as her divine home where worshippers offer prayers and seek blessings for their happy life.


The header will cover the layout design and constructional details of Kalka Temple. The style of architecture followed in making of the temple is Hindu temple architecture. Mythology suggests it to be belonging to Sat Yuga, a divine eternity of Gods incarnation on earth.

The government archeologists suggest that the temple has been built around 1764 AD by the Maratha rulers. With time, the upkeep of temple was not in right hands and thus it ruined. Baba Balak Nath who belongs to Nath Sampradaya took the responsibility of its upkeep on Goddess insistence in his dreams and has been serving the goddess since then. These babas also known as Mahant has been taking care of Kalka Temple since ages.

The modern brick structure is finished with marbles and enclosed by the pyramidal towers. The central chamber is ringed by verandah for the purpose of parikrama. Opposite to these arcade stands two tigers and between these tigers is the statue of goddess Kali.

Other than this, it has 84 bells made up of brass which are hanging above the Sandstone tigers. The marble around the areas where tigers stand has inscriptions written in Urdu belonging to Fasli era 8821.The Goddess’s Name Kali Devi is made up of stone between the two tigers with her name written in Hindi.


The main attractions of the place are the rituals that are being observed here.

It starts with bathing and offering Prasad to Goddess in the morning 6am. Aarti is a very auspicious event which most of the worshippers try to attend. If anybody misses this aarti, then there is another one at 7pm.

The aarti is followed my mantra recitation. All the aarti and prayers are offered to God with the aid of Mahant or pujaris who have been serving goddess with their family since ages. It is a perfect joint for meditation. The divine aura of the temple provides the tranquility needed while meditation. Devotees can also attend Tantric Aarti in the evening.

Devotees feel the holy vibes of the temple long after going back from here. The feeling of a true Hindu culture gets immense after coming here. The Kalka temple has many other tourist places near to it like Lotus temple and Kalka market.

The temple holds special prayers and gathers more crowds during the season of festivities. One of them is Navratras where people gather in mass and pray.


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